White savior complex confessions

The desire NOT to support the “white savior complex” makes every potentially good movie that is not of the DC Universe seem like a taboo. I saw the Green Book previews, then read the reviews and critics said that it does not adequately tell the story of the black man, instead it is about the white man who drove the […]

Green New Deal is a bad deal for South Dakota

The Green New Deal is an extreme proposal introduced earlier this year by a number of our Democrat colleagues in a misguided attempt to reduce carbon emissions. It would require the U.S. to switch to 100 percent renewable energy within 10 years and would dramatically change nearly every aspect of our lives—from how we consume and produce energy to how […]

DeVos, public schools need flexible funding, more teachers, better pay, smaller class sizes

“Students may be better served by being in larger classes, if by hiring fewer teachers, a district or state can better compensate those who have demonstrated high ability and outstanding results.” — Betsy DeVos, U.S. Secretary of Education There are so many things wrong with this statement and the person who said it, it is hard to know where to […]

A home run for South Dakota

When the Air Force recently announced that Ellsworth Air Force Base would be the nation’s first home to the new B-21 training and operational squadrons, South Dakota received what is nothing short of amazing news. It cannot be overstated what this means for the for the region, for the state, and for the entire nation. And if any base deserved […]

South Dakota grit in the face of storms

Earlier this month, our state was hit by a bomb cyclone – an unusual name to match unu-sual circumstances. The middle of our state got buried in snow, while the southeast corner was devastated by four inches of rain fallen on frozen ground, sending it into the river and causing major flooding throughout the region. As soon as it was […]

Dignity in work

I grew up in a large working-class family in central South Dakota. My parents worked hard, every single day. So did I, and so did my brother and my sisters. Even with that hard work, there were times when we needed help from government to get by. I am who I am today because of the experiences of both welfare […]

Drifting in and out of empathy: a moral dilemma

Empathy is an ability to recognize the emotions of others. Training videos often show that one accepts the other person’s emotional state and does not “fix” it. So if someone is crying and upset, you may just sit with that person quietly, or offer a hug. But it is not always easy to determine when we should we show empathy, […]

First-Hand Experience

As a self-described policy guy, I’ve spent a lot of time researching topics like agriculture and telecommunications. It’s no secret that when elected I was laser focused on gaining a spot on the Agriculture Committee for South Dakotans. Now as a member of two very different committees, I’ve appreciated how many topics Members of Congress have the opportunity to study […]

Trump’s veto of House bill to end State of Emergency for the wall shows more bravado than common sense

Fear is a powerful motivator, and leaders throughout history have used it to shape popular opinion, motivate obedience, and dupe the public. The fearful cries President Donald J. Trump amplifies from his entourage about the threats on the southern border pose a hauntingly dark shadow over an already bleak four years in the United States Presidency. Trump assembled an array […]

CRST Tribal Chairman Frazier’s Column

Statement from Chairman Harold Frazier regarding proposal by Governor Kristi Noem to add tribal flag to capitol rotunda Another decision by you, Governor Kristi Noem, has been made without the consent of the Lakota people and has resulted in an embarrassing situation for the state. It is embarrassing because your actions and decision were done without our consent. The Cheyenne […]

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