Letter to the editor…

To the editor:  The South Dakota Hall of Fame once again missed an opportunity to acknowledge one of the giants of our state’s history. For the second straight year, Senator Larry Pressler has been denied entry into the state’s hall of fame. Senator Pressler served our state admirably for 18 years in the United States Senate and four years in […]

Big city, small town education: go to where you’ve never gone before and stay awhile

Everyone should travel to new places and spend time being in those new places. Often people schedule trips with tours and quick stops along a pre-planned journey, but rarely stay long in one place. While a week is somewhat substantial, it’s really not much time to observe and experience the day-to-day life of a community, and resorts are usually designed […]

Garden Tips of the week

Hello everyone and thank you again for reading my garden section. This week I will be covering some D.I.Y. tips for making your own compost. This subject may seem simple, and your basic compost is fairly simple to make. There are several kinds of compost that you can make at home. I will cover a few basic types and their […]

SDDVA Secretary Whitlock’s June Column – New Laws Impacting Veterans

Each year South Dakota agencies, legislators, constituents, and lobbyists review, debate, and consider hundreds of legislative issues. During the 2019 legislative session 1,589 legislative bills and resolutions were introduced. Although, over 1,500 bills were considered, not all became law. The South Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs serves as an advocate for veterans and reviews all the bills introduced and identifies […]

Politically incorrect? Guilty as charged

We should not be spending money we do not have This whole idea of “political correctness” is, in my view, the worst thing that has happened to this country since line dancing and nonalcoholic beer. Everyone is looking for something—anything—to be offended by and subsequently get their panties in a twist. (In fact, that last sentence is most likely offensive […]

Chairman’s Corner: Regarding the Keystone XL tar sand pipeline case

Today is yet another example of the legal thuggery that has been a hallmark of United States policy towards native life of this land. Citing the fact that the President of the United States issued another permit makes the case no longer active, even though there is an active case on the original permit. This pipeline is slated to cross […]

Public Restrooms: access and etiquette; right or privilege

We at the West River Eagle noticed that there were many public restrooms west of Highway 212 bridge over the Missouri River last fall that were locked up. Those that were accessible were apparently not maintained, so if one had to use the restroom, they were likely to go across the bridge to Bob’s Resort to use the facility. When […]

Recipe for reconstruction: exercise, meditation, positive thinking, friendship and heat

I love the way I feel when I exit a sweat ceremony or meditation in the sauna at the CRST Fitness Center after a workout with my friend Sherri. So when I read about hot yoga, I really wanted to try it. My friend Ben posted on Facebook that the hot yoga classes he was taking were tough, and he […]

Garden tips of the week

Hello everyone and thank you again for reading. Today, I will go over some vegetable garden and lawn maintenance tips and ideas that you can try at home. Planting was taking place all over Cheyenne River this week. It is good to see more and more goods being grown. The only crops that will require some extra care at this […]

Why do we do what we do?

Why do we work in a career with no job security? Why do we work for little pay, constantly being criticized from those we are trying to bring the news to? Why do we hit our heads against the wall time after time trying to get information that is not forthcoming to report the news with accuracy? We do it […]

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