From the Editorial Board: An apology


The West River Eagle would like to issue an apology to Ms. Alaina Beautiful Bald Eagle. It has come to our attention that we made an error in layout in the January 21st issue and wrongly attributed a byline to Fran Carr when the work in question was actually written by Ms. Beautiful Bald Eagle. Alaina, we are so sorry. […]

From the Editorial Board

Resilience and loss in 2021 The staff of the West River Eagle looked through every single issue of the paper from 2020 last week. Every single one. We were preparing our entries for the South Dakota Newspaper Association’s Better Newspapers contest. 2020 will always be remembered as an extraordinary year. Looking through the papers for 2020 brought the massive events […]

Political Voices: Survey says

In December, Members of Congress were given early access to the COVID-19 vaccine, and I asked for South Dakota to decide whether I should take the vaccine early to instill public confidence or wait my turn. Nearly 9,000 South Dakotans participated in the poll.  Engagement from South Dakotans truly helps guide the decisions I make in Congress. My office gets […]

Home Improvement Tips

Greetings everyone, I hope all is well with your homes and families. I hope you are enjoying the column, and thank you for following. Garden planning for 2021 It’s the middle of January and the ground is still frozen, but this is a great time to plan out your garden and begin placing your seed orders. With the pandemic still […]

State’s largest agriculture organization opposes governor’s proposed merger

As a fourth-generation family farmer, I have always felt blessed to live and work in South Dakota. With my three sons now raising their families on the farm, I am optimistic for their future because in South Dakota, agriculture is our state’s number one economic driver. South Dakota’s leaders get farming. Or at least I thought they did. I along […]

Prairie Doc Perspectives: We are more alike than different

America is grappling a difficult legacy. Our society was built by the blood and sweat of slaves, on land previously occupied by Native Americans. When we won independence, only white male property owners were fully enfranchised. Enslaved peoples were not fully counted under the constitution. Married women had no legal identity. Immigrants, particularly from Ireland, southern Europe, and Asia faced […]

From the Editorial Board

It has been a tumultuous week in the United States. Domestic terrorists attacked the US Capitol building in an illegal attempt to thwart the certification of the November election. The attack peeled back the veneer of white supremacy and shattered the illusion of civil discourse. Here at the West River Eagle, we have struggled with how to cover the story. […]

Political Voices: Words matter

Hau Mitakuyepi, (Hello Relatives) Words matter.  Fellow Americans and the rest of the world watched as President Trump called for the large group of his supporters to “walk to the capitol” after implanting the thoughts of “You will never take back our country with weakness. We will never give up. We will never concede. We will not take it anymore.” […]

Political Voices: Tested

Our U.S. Constitution was tested this week.  As you most of South Dakota now knows, on January 6th, I voted to uphold the 2020 election results that were certified, recounted, and audited from various states across the nation. Like many South Dakotans, I am frustrated with how certain states handle their elections, and in the weeks following the 2020 election, […]

Prairie Doc Perspectives: When the heart whispers

One definition of the word murmur is “to express one’s discontent in a subdued manner.” So, it makes sense that a heart murmur is often a soft-spoken signal that something may be going on in the heart. The heart does not always shout to get our attention like it does with a heart attack. Sometimes it quietly whispers to those […]

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