Lawn and Garden tips

Hello again everyone, and thank you again for reading. Today I will cover some-mid season garden questions that come up each year. I will first start off with the vegetables that are ready or almost ready for the first harvest. How and when to harvest There are hundreds of varieties of lettuce so I will limit this article to four […]

Combating Meth for a Safer South Dakota

13 people. That’s how many South Dakotans died last year because of meth. 3,366 people. That’s how many people in our state were arrested last year on meth offenses. These numbers are more than statistics. These are missing faces in family photos. Empty chairs at dinner tables. They are victims of an epidemic that is dramatically impacting South Dakota. As […]

Forgetting is the easiest part, or is it the hardest part?  (I can’t remember) 

Usually we say that forgetting something or someone is the hardest part of dealing with a situation or a loss. That may be in the case in those situations for many people, but I find that forgetting things can be very easy to do in more immediate situations, such as the time I left my van running when I went […]

Garden Tips of the week

Hello everyone, and thank you all for your continued following. I have been amazed at how many people still pick up the black and white, and how many folks are reading outside of our area.  A big thank you to my readers near and far — some as far away as Tacoma, Washington and St. Louis, Missouri. Sometimes it takes […]

Editorial Board – Quality leadership needed – learn it and live it or step down

Quality leadership is lacking in our country, state, and local communities. With the excessive bickering and name-calling, the people of the United States need and deserve accountable, composed, unifying, knowledgeable and decisive leadership. Whatever an individual’s level of education, status in society, or moral character, if he or she is not honest, accountable, and knowledgeable about what he or she […]

Political Column – The Weekly Windup

It’s Not Perfect – There was a circus in town this week, and it took up residence on the House floor. With 84 votes, the Senate passed a much-needed bipartisan humanitarian border bill that the President agreed to sign. In the House, Speaker Pelosi stood in the way of this legislation for weeks and waited until the midnight hour to bring […]

Editorial – Parents need to model, teach youth to adhere to state and federal drug and alcohol use laws

Most parents and guardians worry about their children. As children enter their preteen and teen years, and threats from the surrounding community seem to become a clear and present danger, some parents and/or guardians consider providing a safe place for their youth to experiment with alcohol, or provide youth with the adult’s own supply of marijuana or drugs in an […]

Guest Opinion – Statement on the Rapid City Indian Health Service 638 Process

I want to talk today about the assumption of Sioux San hospital in Rapid City by the Cheyenne River and Oglala Sioux Tribes, under an Indian Self-Determination Act contract through CRST Resolutions No. 1-2019-CR, No. 104-2018-CR, and No. 103-2018-CR. These contracts are sometimes called “638” contracts, because the Self-Determination Act is Public Law, or P.L. 93-638. First, I want to […]

Garden Tips of the week

Hello everyone and thank you again for reading. This week I will cover a bit on tomato care and care of your lawn and garden equipment. As requested by a reader all the way from the Puyallup Tribe in Tacoma, WA, I will cover tomatoes first. Thank you Liz for following this segment. It’s a pleasure knowing people are getting […]

Admit it — we are about what others think

What we do in the privacy often differs greatly from what we do in public. Regardless of claims that we are all somehow immune and do not care what others think about us, we each are impacted by what others think and how they interact and react to us.  For this reason, we spend a lot of time and energy […]

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