Letter to the editor: Horse neglect needs to be addressed

Dear Editor, The summer is here now and I am concerned about two horses that are being staked out and not attended to. They are not really being used but just staked out and suffering from the elements of their environment. Specifically, I am talking about two horses, one black and white, the other white in color, in the community […]

Riot is the language of the unheard. What has America failed to hear?

Compassion is one of the many things we need in this country, as well as in life. Everyday lives are lost in senseless acts of violence, hate, greed and power. As normal as life may be for some people, believe me when I say, life is not the same for everyone in the world. Life may be good for a […]

Essential employees show up to work

For the last few months, essential employees across the country have been showing up for work, often risking their health and safety when they do. We’ve all heard harrowing stories of doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals who’ve spent weeks away from home so they could help treat patients and comfort families, sacrificing time away from their own. We’ve […]

Letter to the editor: South Dakota Federation of Republican Women back Noem

Dear Editor, In lieu of pandemics, natural disasters and civil unrest that governors are forced to manage, South Dakota’s governor has proven to be the most straight-forward, reasonable, courageous and common sense governor in the nation. Governor Noem’s success can be attributed to her foundational principles and ability to maintain them throughout both the good and the bad times. Kristi […]

Prairie Doc Perspectives: The unfolding crisis of opioids

By now everyone with a television or internet connection has heard of the “Opioid Crisis in America”.  Deaths from accidental overdoses of opioids each year have now surpassed deaths from automobile accidents.  Depending on whose numbers you read, these deaths range from 50,000 to 70,000 each year, versus 38,800 from vehicle accidents in 2019.  Just how did we get here? […]

Weekly gardening and home improvement tips

Greetings everyone and thank you all again for your continued following. I hope all is well with you, your families and your garden. I have seen several gardens planted in the last two weeks and some great-looking container gardens as well. They all look fabulous! Garden Tips If you planted starts, now would be a great time to feed your […]

We hear you, and we are listening

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd died at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. This senseless death left Americans reeling, most of all because there have been too many George Floyds. And Breonna Taylors. And Ahmaud Arberys. As a nation, we need to work to ensure that what happened that day in Minneapolis never happens again, and that the […]

Prairie Doc Perspectives: Give the gift of organ donation

At the bottom right hand corner of my driver’s license there is a small heart and the word “donor”.  The print is small and easy to miss among all the other information contained.  That one word, I would argue, is the most important piece of data there.  Displayed next to my height, weight, and eye color, I proudly declare that […]

We have an opportunity to create a better nation

Hau Mitakuyepi, (Hello Relatives) I hope this letter finds you well, I am writing to you today in response to what is happening in our country. I have spent my tenure in the Legislature working to heal the racial divide in South Dakota. The recent events have brought to light that we still have work to do. The following paragraphs […]

EDITORIAL BOARD: The single most powerful act of love is to listen and to listen now

The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis a week ago and the social actions that have taken place across the country since show some hard facts: • Racism is alive and well America. It is a social disease, not a political opinion. And it is at the root of our brokenness as a nation. • Injustice is entrenched in our […]

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