In the midst of battle, we aim to be heroes. Yet, what is a hero? Marvel would have us think heroes have super powers and choose to save the world at their own detriment. Yet, I have been told that I must first look after myself before I try to “save” anyone else.  The idea of hero is coupled with […]

What readers need to know about Journalism and the Truth

Philosophers, theologians, scholars of various sorts, politicians, writers and common people have debated the concept of truth for centuries. Many people claim to have the corner market on the Truth of something or everything. Often truth boils down to what a person believes – that leap of faith if you will – to be true, regardless of the kind of […]

Critical thinking is in critical condition in the U.S.A.

Critical thinking is in critical condition in our nation, and the epidemic is fueled by the desire to snap off witty responses, make sense of our world in our own way, stand our ground, show loyalty, defend ourselves and loved ones, and so much more. Social media has given voice to the voiceless in many instances, as many people will […]

Who you’re talking to: etiquette on social networks

People rely on established social conduct, what’s been referred to as manners and etiquette, but often considered mutual respect, to navigate social situations such as moving from the country to a large city. Social networks can and should be considered comparable for those in their 30s and 40s, but the population is larger than any one city. Facebook currently has […]

Vote, even though power is relative, voting is still power

I have yet to hear an argument that proves to me voting has no power, regardless of the scale of the election. In a free country, it is true, we all have the right to vote, or not vote. Many people claim that on a national scale, one vote does not make a difference, but each vote adds up, and […]

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