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Oren Lesmeister Representative District 28A   The bitter cold blowing through the Midwest did not slow down South Dakota this week as we passed more bills through the committees, the house, and as Governor Noem signed her first bill into South Dakota law on Thursday, Jan. 31. In the house we started the week by passing House Bill 1020 (HB1020) […]

USS South Dakota is Navy’s newest nuclear submarine

USS South Dakota (SSN 790) is the Navy’s newest nuclear submarine, commissioned on Feb. 2, 2019. It is the 17th Virginia-class attack submarine to join the fleet. It was a true honor to be a part of the commissioning event. USS South Dakota will play an important role in the mission of our sailors, and it will also serve as […]

Political Voices…

Oren Lesmeister Representative District 28A   It was a big week for South Dakota as Governor Noem released her budget plan for the state. Governor Noem has a passion for protecting our natural resources, and she is asking for $1million for the South Dakota Habitat Foundation, a one-time expense of $225,000 towards controlling our states predator issue, and $500,000 one-time […]

Political Voices…

Nobody wins during a shutdown By Representative Dusty Johnson As Congress buckles down over the next three weeks to deal with the government shutdown and improve border security, I also want to keep our eye on this important fact: This should never happen again. We had a partial government shutdown for over a month. I truly believe the individuals who […]

West River Eagle Editorial Board

While some people may think the problem our nation faces right now is the government shutdown, or President Donald J. Trump, or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, or the Republicans and/or Democrats or all politicians or rich people — all of these groups and their actions are just symptoms to a larger and much more difficult problem to address. Our strife […]

Maybe we need a free speech protocol

This week has me grappling with freedom of speech. We all have the right to say what we want until we don’t have the right to say what we want. I am not convinced that the answer to my dilemma will be decided in this column, but I have been hearing myslef talk and reading what I have written about […]

Voices of our political leaders…

Oren Lesmeister Representative District 28A   This week we hit the ground running with a number of bills moving through committees. Soon, they will be seen on the floor for debate. We had a great start with the Ag and Natural Resources Committee. Game, Fish and Parks gave their annual report and gave assurance they are working with Governor Noem […]

Chairman Harold C. Frazier statement on the President of the United States comments

The President of the United States has decided to make comments regarding Pocahontas, “Big Horn” and “Wounded Knee” in an attempt to denigrate someone else. I ask you, America, when are you going to come to your senses regarding this president? To say that the President of the United States’ Tweet is thoughtless would be giving him too much credit. […]

Can you see the forest through the trees, or time through the moments?

Time is valuable. It drags by at a snail’s pace or travels faster than the speed of light, and like light, slips through our fingers. Time is a concept we imagine. It spirals around each turn of the sun and moon and promises us that all living things grow from a beginning to an end, as it travels into eternity. […]

Oren Lesmeister Representative District 28A

Well the first week of session is behind us now. Really is not much to report on yet with all the new people taking on their positions threw out the new Governors cabinet. I again am part of the Ag and Natural Resources and Transportation Committees. The New Governor gave her first State of the State Address on Tuesday and […]

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