Garden and Home Improvement Tips

Greetings to everyone. I hope all is well with you and thanks again for reading this week. I will cover several things this week, including winter prep and house plants Salt and deicing alternatives There is no 100% way to get away from salt use in the winter, but there are ways to use less of the chemicals found in […]

At the Heart of It: When we are very young, everything is possible

With the sun streaming through the budding leaves and the chill of winter chased to the northern regions of the planet, I twirled in the patch-quilt-patterned dress my Grandma Rosemary made for me.  The blacktop of the drive was faded and cracked under my sandals. Easter was upon us. The sun was warm on my head and arms, and I […]

This is South Dakota

Hello! Bryon Noem here. Earlier this year, I became South Dakota’s first First Gentleman when my wife, Kristi, became the 33rd governor of our state. I’ve had the privilege to stand beside her as she’s tackled some big issues and worked to make South Dakota stronger for the next generation… I’m pretty proud of her! When Kristi was elected, people […]

Kind treatment and hospitality at Tiospaye Topa School: A reminder that we are all related

Since taking the reins as editor, I have made it my mission to cover as much as I can of the events that are happening on Cheyenne River. With a staff of four full-time employees and a handful of freelance writers and photographers, each week we strive to cover an area roughly the size of Connecticut. It is not an […]

Takini Skyhawks Football Team: Lakota values in action

Have you ever tried something new that you have no experience with?  There are two ways to proceed when stepping out of a comfort zone when it is your first time trying something new…it may be a sense of nervousness, uncertainty, and doubt; or it may be full-steam ahead with excitement, comradery, and commitment. Takini School opted to play nine-man […]

Too quick to judge: we destroy what we could build

Too many people pass judgment on others in ways that tear each of us down rather than raise each of us up. People complain about the opportunities they do not get, and people complain about the opportunities they do get. People complain that council members and directors act as if they are above reproach, or have something against “full-bloods”, or […]

Home improvement tips

Greetings everyone, I hope this past week has gone well for you. Thanks again for your continued following and I hope you find this column interesting. This week I will focus on home improvement only, but some things I believe can be helpful for both owners and renters. For those who are considering a purchase at some point in the […]

At the Heart of It: Eulogy for a friend: Peg Henson, a servant of the people

  Holding onto the moment is like grasping water. Water is tangible, but it slips through your hands and is gone. We have the memory of its smooth and cool brush across skin, but even that memory fades with time.  When we experience it again, or try to repeat it, it is familiar, but it is never exactly the same; […]

To Walk In Beauty: The Gormans visit South Dakota

Snowstorm, whiteout conditions, and freezing temperatures did not stop an Arizona couple from visiting their family in South Dakota. Driving over a thousand miles, Marlene and Harrison Gorman of Round Rock, Arizona were determined to make it to Eagle Butte for their one-week vacation stay. They began their journey on Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 9 and they made impressive headway, reaching […]

Garden and Home Improvement tips

Hello everyone. I hope you are doing well after our first snow storm for fall/winter 2019. I hope the information I have been providing has been helpful for everyone. This week I will cover tips for indoor growing and will begin with suggestions for beginners. It may take a few tries to find out what will work best for you, […]

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