Letter to the Editor: Green energy a must for our children’s future

Dear Editor, I am blessed with the glorious opportunity to participate in educating the children in my public school system but I worry about the world we are creating for them. Like my generation, they will live under the threat of nuclear war but also very likely within a hostile environment produced by generations of greenhouse gas emissions unless we […]

Letter to the Editor: Meth destroys lives and families, is not the Lakota way

Dear Editor, My name is Waylon Young Bird I am an ex-member of CRST. This is an apology letter to the people, family, and friends of CRST to say I am very sorry to everyone I’ve hurt through my drug and alcohol use. I was addicted to methamphetamine (crystal meth) and alcohol, a legal drug. Both are very hard to […]

Free health care for all- is it really free?

Greetings everyone and again thanks for following my op-ed column. It is you the readers that make this possible. I am in no way an expert on health care, however, I would like to share my ten cents worth based on my own life experiences and thoughts of what the true cost of a national health care plan is for […]

Mama’s Memories

Editor’s note: These are memories shared with the Editor by Sharon Lee, as told by Velma Walters-Lee to Sharon on 12-16-13. Christmas at LaPlant was always a happy time for Mama. She had some real nice cookie cutters and loved baking cookies for everyone. Mom said she would bake with her Mother (Amy Arpan-Walters). They made numerous baked goods and […]

My last column (for lack of a better title)

I sit in front of the computer screen and think about how hard it was in the beginning to write a weekly column. With so many other responsibilities, I felt overwhelmed and constantly chal-lenged to think of something new and interesting. Sometimes ideas popped out of books or Facebook posts like dialogue on comic strips or ono-matopoeia bubbles on old […]

Home Improvement Tips

Greetings everyone, I hope the week has gone well for you and may your New Year be filled with family, friends and good days ahead. To start my column this week, I would like to share a glimpse of what this time of year meant to me growing up, and I will conclude with some tips. In my tribe’s culture, […]

Home Improvement/Garden Tips

Hello everyone and thanks again for your continued following and feedback. It has been an honor to live and contribute to the West River Eagle and provide ideas for your home and garden needs. I am only as successful as my readers are interested, so thank you again and I wish you all the best life has for all of […]

Fallacious reasoning fools us all

Why is it that the stories we tell are often so one-sided? Do we even take time to consider the other point of view, or is it enough to say that we all have and are entitled to an opinion, so why should I have to consider another way of thinking? I contend that each one of us has an […]

To Walk In Beauty: We can all learn from Takini School

Some things you see, some things you hear, somethings you read, that just stop you in your tracks. The passing of a young one is always a devastating feeling, and can leave the heart filled with grief. Recently, Dupree student Vernon Mexican Peterson, suddenly made his journey into the spirit world, and state and the nation took a moment of […]

Letter to the Editor: Let 2019 be the last year of the memorial ride

Dear Editor, The 1890 HAWK Survivor Descendants Group (formerly known as the Wounded Knee/Chanpke Taopi Survivor Descendants Society) come now and are stating that we do not want the Spotted Elk, Uphan Gleska (aka Big Foot/SiThanka) name to be used for monetary gains and donations (another words, exploitation). In December, 1990 in the final year of the SiThanka Wokiksuye Ride, […]

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