Prairie Doc Perspectives: Listen to your gut

The patient knew something was wrong. After appointments with several specialists, multiple scans, and tests, she was given a diagnosis. Still, she felt certain something was not right. I sat down with her and listened. We repeated a test she had a year prior, and this time the test garnered a different result. There was a tumor growing. She listened […]

From the Editorial Board

The Return of the Thunder Beings and National Agriculture Week This week we celebrate the vernal equinox and the Return of the Thunder Beings/Wakíŋyan Aglípi. The Return of the Thunder Beings/Wakíŋyaŋ Aglípi is not only a celebration of the return of spring, but a celebration of the return to life of plants and medicines, of the awakening of the bear […]

From the Interim Editor

Three Ojibwe poets and “Hearts of Our People” In searching for a poem and an image to capture the theme of Return of the Thunders for this week’s issue, I found the poetry of Jane Johnston Schoolcraft/Bamewawagezhikaquay/Woman of the Sound the Stars Make Rushing Through the Sky (1800-1842). Schoolcraft is the first known Native American poet and literary writer to […]

Home and Garden Tips

Greetings, everyone. I hope everyone is well and has enjoyed a wonderful first weekend of spring. This week, as usual, I will cover a couple of garden and home tips. Garden Tips Now that ground is thawed and the barnyard grasses are coming up, it is time to start weed prevention. One surefire way to eliminate weeds is to remove […]

Prairie Doc Perspectives: Sometimes a diagnosis is skin deep

Recently I saw a patient who had experienced two consecutive days of pain in his right upper abdomen. I questioned him, looking for clues of gallstones, liver mass, or maybe an ulcer in the small bowel, but his answers did not fit my expectations. The pain was located under his right ribs and radiated into his back, just as I […]

From the Editorial Board

Thank you Checkpoint deputies! This week’s issue of the West River Eagle brings the official news of the closing down of the Tribal Health and Safety Checkpoints. The checkpoints have been up at the main roads on and off the reservation since very early in the pandemic. Cheyenne River took this action well-before other communities such as New York City […]

From the Interim Editor

Partisanship in Congress reflected in op-eds In this column we briefly touch on the vote counts of the COVID relief package and the rhetoric surrounding it. The West River Eagle strives to include editorials from our elected representatives as often as possible. (See this week’s inclusion of Rep. Dusty Johnson’s piece on Daylight Saving Time.) However, in the last two […]

Political Voices: Time to change those clocks… Again

Temps are rising and the sun isn’t setting at 4:30 in the afternoon – that can only mean one thing – Daylight Saving Time (DST) is here.   The “spring forward” has its pros and cons – the cons, we lose an hour of sleep and our kids’ schedules are in disarray for a few days – but for me, the […]

Political Voices: Bordeaux’s Weekly Report

Hau mitakuyepi na mitakolapi, iyuha cante wasteya nape ciuzapelo.   Hello relatives, friends and neighbors, I extend my hand to you with good feelings from my heart and report to you on the 96th legislative session in Pierre.  We finally wrapped up this session on Thursday, March 11, with possible vetoes bringing us back at the end of the month […]

Home and Garden Tips

Greetings, everyone. I hope all is well with you and your families. This week I will cover garden tips not only for our local readers but those in other parts of the country as well. I have received messages from folks in other areas saying they are reading things in this column they are not accustomed to. Garden tips for […]

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