“Something there is that doesn’t love a wall. . .”

Never Cry Wolf, by Farley Mowat was published in 1963. Environmentalist and Activist Mowat describes how he drank enough water to allow himself to pee at each spot the wolf he was observing had peed to show his understanding of the boundaries between his camp and the camp in which the wolf pack lived. What took the wolf just a […]

Genorosity: the gift of giving peaks in December, taught year-round

By Unpa Nunpa Days surrounding the winter solstice are often associated with many of the values that make life not only bearable, but joyful. One of these values, what Lakota call wówačhaŋtognake, or generosity, is often on display both publically and privately through numerous channels from extravagant gift-giving among family and friends to a simple act of charity and kindness […]

Remembering C.J. Clifford: Warrior Wokiksuye

Sometimes in life you meet people who make an ever-lasting impression. The first time I met Wounded Knee Council Representative C.J. Clifford was at a Great Plains Tribal Chairmen’s Association meeting- he was dressed nicely, wearing a leather vest, cowboy hat, jeans, and boots. His smile was warm and demeanor was charming. Since moving to South Dakota, I have attended […]

The road to wisdom is riddled with potholes

Gems of Wisdom is a collection of insights written by the seventh Dalai Lama of Tibet. In the text, as explained by Glenn H. Mullin in the Autumn, 1999 issue of the Snow Lion Newsletter, and presented on shambhala.com, the Dalai Lama asserts that evil is a construct of the mind. “The essential nature of mind is equally pristine in […]

Letter to the Editor…

CRST MEMBERS– MORE OF THE SAME? Jim Pearman District #4 Council Rep The election is over, and we have three new council reps.    All other Council positions remained the same as well as the Executive Officers. I believe it is time for all elected officials, including myself, to step up, be accountable and provide the leadership we were elected […]

Look again, there is always another angle

Thanksgiving I traveled to Indianapolis, IN to visit family and friends, to ensure my youngest had his senior pictures taken, and to ensure that my oldest successfully moved into the downtown apartment she is now sharing with a childhood friend. Whenever I go back home to Indiana, I am consistently surprised at how little of the city I actually know, […]

South Dakota makes progress in transparency

As Americans, we are privileged to live in a free society where we can elect our own leaders.  Democracy only works, however, when government is transparent and open about its operations, so that the people can vote based on good information. When I ran for governor eight years ago, I promised to be open and transparent.  It is an easy […]

The time of the chrysalis

Travel must be in my blood, even though I did not really travel as extensively as others might have done growing up. Still, compared to many, I was a well-traveled youth. I have a feeling that once I tap into my DNA ancestry, I will find ancestors who traveled extensively, either by choice or force, and that I may very […]

Guest Post: When winning feels like losing

Winning the World Series must be an incredible feeling.  It’s the result of a lot of hard work by a lot of people. On August 29, when the International Trade Commission (ITC) announced a negative finding on newsprint tariffs, reversing the Department of Commerce’s decision earlier this year, newspaper publishers felt like they had won the World Series. They lobbied […]

Internet memes dishonor Lakota leaders

If you are a Native American who uses Facebook, you have undoubtedly seen in your news feed a wide range of internet memes created around “quotes” by famous leaders from the past. These memes are often visually striking, perhaps using an image of Tȟatȟaŋka Iyotake (Sitting Bull), or even allegedly Tȟašúŋke Witkó (Crazy Horse), and are captioned with words attributed […]

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