At the Heart of It: Eulogy for a friend: Peg Henson, a servant of the people

  Holding onto the moment is like grasping water. Water is tangible, but it slips through your hands and is gone. We have the memory of its smooth and cool brush across skin, but even that memory fades with time.  When we experience it again, or try to repeat it, it is familiar, but it is never exactly the same; […]

To Walk In Beauty: The Gormans visit South Dakota

Snowstorm, whiteout conditions, and freezing temperatures did not stop an Arizona couple from visiting their family in South Dakota. Driving over a thousand miles, Marlene and Harrison Gorman of Round Rock, Arizona were determined to make it to Eagle Butte for their one-week vacation stay. They began their journey on Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 9 and they made impressive headway, reaching […]

Garden and Home Improvement tips

Hello everyone. I hope you are doing well after our first snow storm for fall/winter 2019. I hope the information I have been providing has been helpful for everyone. This week I will cover tips for indoor growing and will begin with suggestions for beginners. It may take a few tries to find out what will work best for you, […]

Letter to the Editor: Reflecting on Senator Rounds’ speech to the Chamber of Commerce

These are perilous times for our republic. In remarks to the S.F. Chamber of Commerce on October 8th, Sen. Rounds began by saying the House should simply pass bills and not do the impeachment inquiry. Actually, the House has passed nearly 400 important bills this year. Very few of them were taken up by the Senate. Evidently, the Senate is […]

“Times may change, but the need to support a free press has not”

Once upon a time, having a job at a newspaper meant working in one of the most imposing buildings in town, inhaling the acrid aroma of fresh ink and the dusty breath of cheap newsprint and feeling mini-earthquakes under our feet every time the presses started to roll. For those of us old enough to remember those days, National Newspaper […]

First Amendment binds all American freedoms

Freedom of the press, of speech, of religion, of assembly and to petition the government are woven, like stars in the flag, into the fabric of the First Amendment. The blood of patriots is the seed of the Republic. The founders and those who followed in their footsteps invested their lives in this country. They assured there would be freedom […]

Home Improvement tips

Greetings to everyone and thanks again for reading. This week I will go over a few things regarding your home. The first thing I will go over is some home descriptions that I have been asked about recently. What is the difference between a stick-built home, mobile home and manufactured home? A stick-built home is a home that is built […]

Letters to Delaena: Tiospaye Topa sixth graders respond to graffiti incident

You’re sincerely awesome. You’re beautiful, kind. You’re great, nice eyes. You’re smart, amazing. You’re cool, happy. You’re generous, wonderful. I love your great, smart and awesome self. – Jaden Two Hawks   I’m so sorry about your painting. I thought your painting was beautiful and I’m sorry they said that stuff on your painting. I hope you keep working on […]

To Walk In Beauty: Happy New Year: A Navajo perspective and greeting

Today is the first of October, and to the Navajo people, it is a special time of the year. In the Navajo language, October is called “Gháájí”, which translates to “back-to-back”. Our traditional stories say that this is the time when the seasons interact with one another, often resulting in rapid changes in temperature from warm to cool, and vice […]

Fall Perennial Flower Gardens

Fall is here! When you think of gardens, you may think you can only grow during spring and summer, but gardening season is not over with fall’s arrival. It’s a great time to plan and prepare for your next creation. You can continue to do fall flower gardens which can and will bring amazing results in the spring. The best […]

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