From the Editorial Board

Our paper carries an interesting editorial this week. Governor Kristi Noem speaks about the discovery of the graves of Native children and the beginning of rematriation of their bodies. Her piece is interesting in that it’s kind, and she tries to acknowledge the lived reality of those who suffered and died in the Indigenous boarding schools, and those who suffered […]

From the Interim Editor

I went to my first wacipi ever in Iron Lighting on the Fourth of July. Friends were shocked when I said I’d never been to one. I grew up in Ohio, went to Catholic school for 12 years, went to an Episcopal college, and then moved to Massachusetts. So I never had the opportunity to attend a wacipi. A Renaissance […]

Political Voices: Not perfect, but progress

In Congress, hardly anything is perfect. But just because it’s not perfect, doesn’t mean there’s not progress. This past week we made progress for South Dakota.  The first comes following the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) decision to walk back plans to change the city status of Rapid City. In January, OMB began toying with the idea to increase […]

Political Voices: Learning from our mistakes

One of the main reasons why we study history is to learn from both our triumphs and our mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes are painful to admit, but we study them nonetheless so that we can ensure that they are never repeated. That’s why students learn about the Holocaust. That’s why we study the atrocity of American slavery and the Civil […]

Prairie Doc Perspectives: Science or Magic?

Examples of accelerating scientific progress abound in human history. Mendel’s experiments with plants demonstrated inheritance in the mid-1800s. Over the next 100 years, researchers across the world built upon each other’s discoveries, until Watson, Crick, and Franklin finally identified the structure of DNA. The human genome project was launched nearly 40 years later, and within 15 years, the entire human […]

Home maintenance tips

Greetings everyone. This week I will cover some tips to protect your home or business from the threat of wildfire. The threat of wildfire is growing nationwide and, due to changing climate conditions, wildfire is now a threat almost year-round. There are some low-cost actions you can take. Other precautions are more costly; but as a property owner you already […]

From the Editorial Board

It’s a week of art in Eagle Butte and in the West River Eagle! Last week we were regaled with new art throughout town thanks to the RedCan Graffiti Jam. The new mural on Main St. is AMAZING. It declares to everyone that “We are all related” in our town and across the Lakota nation. Mitákuye Oyášin. This week we […]

Political Voices: Where’s the Beef ?

America’s meat supply is a matter of national security. If we don’t control our own food supply, then we don’t control our own destiny. South Dakota feeds the world, and we do it better than anybody else. We have more head of cattle per-person than any other state. But anticompetitive practices in the meatpacking industry are threatening that way of […]

Home and Garden Tips

Greetings everyone, I hope all is well with everyone. This week I will cover some home and garden tips. Garden Tips  Watering. Almost everyone got some much-needed rain last week. The return of high temperatures in the 90s is normal for this area, along with wind, so don’t back off on your watering plan since what rain did come down […]

Prairie Doc Perspectives: The Butterfly Effect

My daughter recently brought home a monarch caterpillar. We cared for it in a container making sure it had a supply of fresh milkweed leaves and kept its cage clean. It seemed perfectly content to munch on leaves all day. After a few days it hung upside-down from the lid of the cage and we waited for it to form […]

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