Gratitude for a wonderful teacher and role model

I will always remember Mrs. Britt, my second grade teacher. She loved the color green, she loved drinking buttermilk straight out of the carton, and most of all, she was kind. There are so many lessons from Mrs. Britt that I have carried with me into adulthood. When I learned of her passing, I shed a tear, spoke my gratitude, […]

Weekly gardening tips

Greetings everyone, I hope everyone is well and doing good. This week I will cover some information on wild plants, pest control, and gardening. Please understand that this information is not intended to take the place of formal education and garden experience. This column is intended for entertainment, learning, and to spark your interest in the world of gardening. Wild […]

COVID-19 Bill provides temporary economic relief while states prepare to safely reopen

When the Senate passed emergency COVID-19 relief legislation—called the CARES Act—in late March, our country was experiencing the early stages of the pandemic. Businesses were closing to the public, people began to stay home and our economy took a nosedive. The CARES Act provided direct financial assistance to businesses, individuals and families to lessen the impact on the economy, so […]

Prairie Doc Perspectives: Finding a new balance

Life is about balance. We balance our time, our budgets, our work, and our family. If you concentrate too much in one area, you will soon be wanting in another. Additionally, our bodies are constantly working to keep our blood pressure, blood sugar, and temperature in balance. Covid-19 disrupted our balance, both in our lives and for some, in our […]

Bad Reputation: U.S. and China

People like to compare the U.S. and China, so much so I think many people have forgotten a key point – our values are not the same, not even close. Large economies, yes, but China is a communist, authoritarian nation with a state-run media and a government obsessed with surveillance and control. China’s handling of this worldwide pandemic has brought […]

Gardening tips to begin your planting

Greetings everyone, I hope this past week has brought you good things. Thank you all for your continued following and support of your local news outlet. The coverage we have received in real time on westrivereagle.com has been amazing and is possible because of your support. Spring Planting I am not a meteorologist, but looking at the American and European […]

Prairie Doc Perspectives: It’s Healthy to talk about bodily functions

One summer during my college years, another premed student and I got a job at the Swedish Hospital in Minneapolis, as nurses’ aides. At that time, the guys were called orderlies, but we were part of the nursing department. We were taught how to clean patients’ private parts without making the patient feel self-conscious, and how to place urinary catheters […]

ACLU of South Dakota supports Tribal sovereignty rights to continue checkpoints

As the clash between Gov. Kristi Noem and state tribal leaders continues, the ACLU of South Dakota supports the rights of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and the Oglala Sioux Tribe to continue their checkpoints on roads traveling across their land as part of their coronavirus response efforts. Noem’s demands for the tribes to remove the checkpoints and threat of […]

Standing up for South Dakota’s livestock producers

South Dakota’s number one industry is agriculture, and for years, farmers and ranchers have been dealing with difficulties including trade uncertainty, low commodity prices and price disparities between what they receive versus what the consumer pays at the grocery store for the product. These issues have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 outbreaks at processing plants have forced them […]

Focus should be on whole Tribal response, not just checkpoints

Hau mitakuyapi. Focusing only on the public health checkpoints takes away what this tribe has done for the people that live here. This tribe has developed, from the top down, a member-centric strategy that involves a robust Tribal Health program that does contact tracing, that monitors at-risk people on the reservation, that has set up facilities to quarantine. We have […]

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