Chairman Harold C. Frazier statement on the President of the United States comments

The President of the United States has decided to make comments regarding Pocahontas, “Big Horn” and “Wounded Knee” in an attempt to denigrate someone else. I ask you, America, when are you going to come to your senses regarding this president? To say that the President of the United States’ Tweet is thoughtless would be giving him too much credit. […]

Can you see the forest through the trees, or time through the moments?

Time is valuable. It drags by at a snail’s pace or travels faster than the speed of light, and like light, slips through our fingers. Time is a concept we imagine. It spirals around each turn of the sun and moon and promises us that all living things grow from a beginning to an end, as it travels into eternity. […]

Oren Lesmeister Representative District 28A

Well the first week of session is behind us now. Really is not much to report on yet with all the new people taking on their positions threw out the new Governors cabinet. I again am part of the Ag and Natural Resources and Transportation Committees. The New Governor gave her first State of the State Address on Tuesday and […]

Leadership and morality go hand-in-hand

Benjamin Franklin writes about a list of virtues that he created when he was twenty years old. He wanted to achieve moral perfection. To do this, he made a plan that he thought would hold him accountable.  He created a chart, and he determined he would mark in that chart each day when he failed to practice the virtue he […]

The Chairman’s Corner

Chairman Harold C. Frazier statement regarding Partial Government Shutdown Yet again the United States government has shutdown services due to the inability of government officials to run it. I have been told that all of this is due to a wall that the President of the United States wants to build. I condemn the actions of the President of the […]

Letter to the Editor

No One should be above the law Back in the day before the CRST Grazing Code became Ordinance 71, the Grazing Code is sent out to the communities for comments for 30 days and after the comment period, the tribal council reviewed all comments and then, a motion is made with a second and vote is taken to approve the […]

Hope sparks the drive & drive secures the win, even when the journey is long

When someone is driven to do something, they usually find a way to make that something happen. That drive is also called motivation. Internal motivation can be understood by thinking about our basic needs to survive. For example, hunger is an internal motivator. Hunger drives us to get off the couch, no matter how comfy or tired we may be, […]

West River Eagle Editorial Board: Secure the free press, secure us all

There were several major stories and momentous events over the course of 2018 that people interpreted as being “warning signs” for our future. The November 23rd release of a 13 agency federal report detailing how uncontrollable global warming is now inarguably leading to catastrophic climate change raised some but nowhere near enough alarm. As a result of current inaction, in […]

Generational compassion

Compassion may once have served community here as bone-deep wisdom, a lived experience that helped younger generations survive. It may have been understood that the words of elders could guide and protect when listened to and applied correctly. Younger members of family could inspire insight that everyone could appreciate, also effectively assisting with the family’s survival. This week may find […]

Oh that tomorrow finds us better than today

While sitting in the newsroom Wednesday, a restless rumble grew in the pit of my stomach and sputtered my knee to a steady bounce.  My mind jumped from one thought to another, making it difficult for me to focus on the task at hand. My solution: run. I picked up my things, went to the fitness center and ran for […]

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