Prairie Doc Perspectives: Lessons from Pandemics Past

When I come home from a day at the clinic and hospital, there is no better feeling than my children running up to give me a big hug. For the past couple of weeks, I have had to remind them to stop, and just do an air hug until I have had a chance to change clothes and shower. The […]

Weekly Garden and Home Tips

Greetings everyone and as always, I extend my thanks to everyone for your continued following. This week, I will focus primarily on tips for our local readers. To till or plow or not to till or plow There has been a lot of talk in the last few years about no-till farming and bringing this into our back yards and […]

We must take action now to stem the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus


As of this writing, there are 148 cases of COVID-19 and 5 deaths because of the disease on my beloved Navajo Nation. The rate of infection was fast and day-by-day, the number of positive cases increased overnight. My people are suffering and dying. The Navajo Nation has implemented a curfew and stay-at-home orders for the people. There are now roadblocks […]

West River Eagle Editorial Board: Trump briefings and tweets are a danger to public health


The COVID-19 virus is changing and challenging all aspects of American life. One effect is to break down political division in order to focus on the health of everyone. In this commentary, the editorial board of the West River Eagle would like to draw attention to the need for rapid, clear communication and decisive action across the political spectrum and […]

Weekly Garden and Home Tips

Greetings everyone and, thank you for your continued following. This past week has brought us into unprecedented times, which we have been told to prepare for in the past but may have never imagined becoming harsh reality. Remember to support each other in a good way, and be kind, as all of us are feeling some level of uncertainty and […]

Leaders wrong for rejecting SB 138

Dear Editor, Recently the North Dakota Parole Board granted early releases to 56 inmates. This was done in an effort to facilitate resources in light of Coronavirus.  South Dakota, on the other hand, opted to grant no early releases.  The South Dakota approach to parole eligibility has been problematic for years, with a heavy burden on taxpayers.  In this year’s […]

Letter to the Editor: Families can make behavioral changes to stem COVID-19 spread

Dear Editor and to my beloved relatives, With all of the uncertainty and fear circulating through the media right now, it can seem difficult to stay centered, feel safe, and express affection to our elders, who are most at risk during the current outbreak. I hope the communities I love find these thoughts and communities helpful as we all go […]

Letter to the Editor: Schools must pay hourly-wage staff during closures

Dear Editor, Lots of good things are happening during this Coronavirus pandemic here on the reservation. People are making sure neighbors have food. Sack lunches are being delivered to kids who can’t get their regular lunches at school. Events are being put online so people don’t have to leave their homes. It’s great to see the allowances that are being […]

Coro-NO-virus: To stem the spread of disease, we must adhere to precautions

West River Eagle Editorial Board The COVID-19 virus is changing and challenging all aspects of American life. The editorial board of the West River Eagle would like to summarize the current state of affairs on CRST and offer some perspective on what we can learn as a people as we move through this turbulent time. The current focus on Cheyenne […]

Weekly Garden and Home Tips

Greetings everyone, I hope you are all doing well, and that your next week is full of good things to come. This week I will cover some ideas projects you can do with your kids at home. To some, this is may be an unexpected challenge. Being a parent myself and having been a Mr. Mom for a time, I […]

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