Sunday, July 25, 2021

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ZCHS seeks family stories

The Ziebach County Historical Society is seeking family stories for the sequel to the 1982 history book.  The Society would like to see every family in Ziebach County included in the book and urges everyone to gather their family’s history and write about it. 

Let us know how and when your family first came to Ziebach County, where they settled, what they did for a living and what changes your family has seen over the years.  Write about the schools attended, memories of special occasions, natural disasters, wars, churches you attended, people you knew. List siblings and children and information about them and anything else you would like to have recorded about your family. If you have a picture you would like to have included, please send a copy along.

If your family has been instrumental in establishing or perpetuating local businesses, tell us about that.  The Society would also like to have any other historical stories about the area.  The old way of life, organizations, church histories and any other topic that should be remembered by future generations will also be included.

Work began on this project in 2010 but unforeseen circumstances put the project on hold.  If you sent us a story from 2009-2010 and would like to update or add to it, we can mail or e-mail a copy to you for your review.

Send your stories to the Ziebach County Historical Society, P.O. Box 452, Dupree, SD, 57623; or e-mail them to  Don’t be left out and don’t wait too long to get your story done.

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