Sunday, January 20, 2019

Eagle Butte

WRE welcomes and introduces Kimberlee Scherer, Customer Service

“Deadlines — I could not procrastinate or else I’d get in trouble,” said Kimberlee “Kimmy” Scherer, the new Customer Service representative for the West River Eagle.

Kimmy grew up in Martin, SD, the youngest daughter of three siblings to Bob and Mandy Scherer.

Mandy Scherer has worked for 21 years at the Bennett County Booster Company, which publishes six area papers, so Kimmy grew up around the newspaper business, and said she has seen the technological evolution of the printing process, and the move from film development in photography to digital processing.

Growing up, Kimmy helped her mother with filing, mailing, pdf-ing pages onto negatives and placing negatives onto plates for the printing press.

Of all of the work involved in the newspaper business, Kimmy likes photography best, but has a general all-around knowlege of the workings and responsbilities of the news and that is why she would get in trouble if she missed deadlines — her mother instilled in her a respect for time sensitive deadlines. 

The WRE staff welcomes Kimmy to the crew.