Monday, August 3, 2020

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Windswept Academy commemorates 100th school day

To celebrate their 100th day of learning, Windswept Academy students enjoyed a creative and fun day full of activities and costume. “100” was the theme throughout various projects that students created, and included counting and bagging 100 snack items, writing 100 words in cursive, painting 100 dots, smiley faces, and circles in art pieces. Even Pac-Man was drawn in  his maze gobbling 100 Pac-Dots.

Students also dressed up like a 100-year old person. Kindergarten student Coen Benoist dressed as the loveable grandpa from the movie, “Up”, and carried 100 inflated and colorful balloons. 

“We had some adorable “old” students make an appearance today. It was fun to look at their projects and watch them celebrate today,” stated a post on the Windswept Academy Facebook page.


Second grade student Gracelyn Marshal proudly presents her color project that she created using 100 pipe cleaners fashioned into various fun shapes. Facebook photo

Kindergarten student Coen Benoist stands with 100 colorful balloons as he is dressed as the grandpa from the movie, Up. Students dressed as 100-year people to celebrate their 100th day in school. Facebook photo

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