Friday, August 7, 2020

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Windswept Academy Articles for the School Newspaper

Windswept Academy Student Council strives this school year

By Ivonne Fisher

Windswept Academy’s student council is striving hard this year to raise money for different events. We have eleven members this year, consisting of two freshman- Calynn Howard and Ashton Heideman; three sophomores- Naylon Marshall, Cameron Holley (Treasurer), and Jamison Bowker (Secretary); four juniors- Bianca Knight, Tucker Hawk Eagle, Lindsey Jones, and Donovan Moran (Vice President); and two seniors-  Unique Hawk Eagle (President) and Robert Lemke (Sergeant at Arms).

These students maintain a “C” average or above and have good attitudes for schoolwork. They plan events every Thursday and are working hard for our school.  

Thanksgiving Dinner

By Jerrell Maldacker

Hamilton Baptist Church from Virginia hosted a community Thanksgiving dinner at the local Baptist church last Thursday, on the 7th of November. Our students always enjoy this time to serve. We had 16 students who helped serve over 300 people from our community. There was so much to eat, including mashed potatoes, turkey, peas, sweet potatoes, complimentary buns, etc. It was a fun time to hang out with family and friends! There was also a prayer jar for whoever needed prayer for themselves or loved ones. If you weren’t there for this amazing dinner, please join us next year.  

Attendance Awards

By Precious Mexican

Twenty-two students had perfect attendance in kindergarten through tenth grade. Our school, Windswept Academy, gives a Banner Attendance award each quarter. The class who attended the most was Ms. Bochman’s second grade class. In second place were the sixth and seventh grade classes, and in third place was fourth grade. We are so proud of our students for their consistent attendance.

Ms. Bochman’s second grade class won the Banner Attendance award.









Fall Festival at Windswept Academy

By Koree Buffalo Halfred

Recently we had our fall festival, and it was so fun! We got to play games like finger-painting little pumpkins, cakewalk, face painting, racing, balloon popping, throwing the football though the hoop, picking a sucker, picking a ducky to get a treat, playing firemen, and sack guessing. It was so fun. I tried my best to do all of it. We also got to guess how much candy was in a jar. But the most fun was when they called out a winner for the best costume in each grade. It’s so exciting to see who the winner is. It’s only for the kindergarten through sixth grades, and I’m in the fifth grade! I go for the games and candy, and oh… the cakewalk also. My school does the fall festival every year around Halloween. Our junior high and high school students run all of the games for the elementary students. I like to go trick-or-treating at people’s houses, and we get more candy. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I love it!