Saturday, January 23, 2021

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Who is right, Governor Noem: John Thune or Donald Trump?

State Democratic Chairman Randy Seiler today called on Governor Kristi Noem to set the record straight as to who she believes is right in regard to the November 3rd presidential election – US Senator John Thune or President Donald Trump.

In recent days, Trump has called Thune a RINO (Republican In Name Only) and indicated he would recruit a primary opponent to Thune in 2022 – with Kristi Noem at the top of his list.  Trump is upset that Thune has rejected claims of voter fraud in the November 3rd election and that Thune indicated he believed Joe Biden won the election.

“So who is right, Governor? Is President Trump right in his claim that the election was rigged against him and that Thune is not a true Republican for saying otherwise? Or is John Thune right that the election was legally won by Joe Biden and we should move on from it?” Seiler asked the Governor.

The situation for Noem is tricky.  She campaigned hard for Trump, traveling across the country before the election while she ignored the raging coronavirus in South Dakota that has killed more people per capita than any other state in the nation – that fact likely won’t be ignored by opponents and voters should she run for reelection. Noem even invited Trump to South Dakota for a super spreading COVID event at Mount Rushmore on July 3rd and she recently hired Trump loyalist Cory Lewandowski to guide her national ambitions. So siding with Thune risks alienating Trump.

Yet, siding with Trump is also tricky for Noem. Does she really want to risk alienating John Thune thus threatening her support among Republican voters in South Dakota?

“Kristi Noem made this bed by selling out to Donald Trump at all costs. Now let’s see if she is willing to sleep in it by turning her back on John Thune,” Seiler said.

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One response to “Who is right, Governor Noem: John Thune or Donald Trump?”

  1. Gary Painter says:

    Thune has a problem with Trump. That’s a personal thing. When he ignores the right thing to do because he has a grudge against someone, he’s virtually ineffective as a representative of the state. I’m not sure what happens to our representatives when they go to DC, but what ever it is, they seem to lose concept of what they were elected for. They’re seduced by the power they think they have. They forget the people that put them in office and simply do their own bidding. I don’t care what his problem with Trump is, he turned his back on his supporters. This election was a sham and if Thune thinks otherwise, he’s too stupid to represent South Dakota. If he knows what it was and still thinks Biden should be inaugurated, the he’s sold his supporters out.

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