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Prepare for a deep freeze: It’s going to feel like Siberia by Sunday

Here comes the Siberian deep freeze! It is going to get very cold and it is going to stay cold through early- to -mid February. This is the system that we were keeping our eyes on to see if it would eject over the Arctic and along the eastern slope of the Rockies. It did, and now things are about to get dangerously cold. 

We may be spared the worst. Current modeling indicates a strong probability that the heaviest weather will be to our west, south, and east. However, there is about an 18% chance that the system will eject further north than predicted and then we would be in the storm’s path. Conditions likely to be significantly worse south of I-90. 

We will end this week with a quick blast of southwest “warmth,” but as indicated above, it is going to feel like Siberia before sunrise on Sunday.

Be aware, this forecast is a snapshot in time. As of publication deadline, we have a fair to significant risk of developing breakout clipper systems to rapidly develop into winter storms throughout the coming week. We believe that risk is likely to increase in the coming days. This forecast is from available data as of Tuesday at 1 p.m. MT.  

Thursday will be funky with overcast skies, a sunrise low of 23°F feels like 14°F, and a 10 p.m. high of 38°F. There is a 45% chance of snow, wintery mix, and/or rain. Early morning winds will be shifting NW-SW 15 to 6 mph and increase speed to W 18 mph by noon. Shifting will continue after sunset WNW-NW 25+mph. Expect whiteout conditions in the event of precipitation. Ice and fog are likely. Probably not the best day for travel.  

Friday will have a sky full of clouds with an afternoon high of 34°F that will fall off to about 11°F by midnight.  It will feel like it is -5°F or colder by midnight. Winds will shift NW-SE 8 mph by sunset before gusting SW 13 mph through morning. There is a 15% chance of daytime snow. There is at least a 50% chance of getting more white stuff overnight. Fog and ice are likely in morning hours. Winter storm conditions are possible after sunset. 

Dangerously cold conditions will set in on Saturday. Expect overcast skies with a sunrise temperature of 2°F and a wind chill of -12°F. The high might reach 7°F but it will still feel like -7°F. Plan for a late night low of -6°F with a wind chill of –21°F by midnight. There is a 40% chance of AM snow and a 9% chance of PM snow. Winds will be gusting N-NNW 15 to 5 mph. 

Sunday will be dangerously cold with wicked wind chills. The 7 a.m. sunrise will be around -6°F with a wind chill of -18°F, the 4 p.m. high has a fair shot at reaching 2°F with a wind chill of -8°F, and the low will be around -4°F with a wind chill of -18°F at midnight. There is a 15% chance of snow. Winds will be gusting NW 8 to 12 mph; stronger gusting is likely. 

Monday will start cold and stay cold. Plan for a dangerously cold sunrise temperature of -8°F and a wind chill as low as -24°F. The late afternoon high of 4°F will have a windchill of -9°F but the late night low of ‑9°F could have a windchill as low as -27°F. There is a 14% chance of snow. 

Plan for Tuesday morning to be cold enough to freeze your eyeballs with a morning low of -8°F and a wind chill as low as -24°F. The 3 p.m. high should reach 9°F with a dangerous wind chill of -4°F. It will drop to -2°F with a wind chill of -20°F by midnight. There is a 13% chance of snow. Winds will be gusting WNW 8 to 14 mph. Extreme cold conditions are deadly, please take appropriate precautions. 

Wednesday won’t be much better. Plan for an early morning low of -8°F and wind chills of -31°F. Expect a high in the single digits with wind chills well below zero. We have a 15% chance of snow. It may be cold but the winds will perfect for sailing, NW 10 to 15 mph. If only…

It looks like next Thursday will still be colder than cold with a morning low of -10°F with a wind chill of ‑33°F. The ambient temperature could get as high as 9°F with a wind chill of -5°F. It will fall to 0°F with a wind chill of -18°F by midnight.   

“I am giving up drinking coffee for the month of January.” Twenty-one minutes later, an edit: “I am giving up. Drinking coffee for the month of January.” Thank you to Shelley for this week’s joke. Please send yours to weather@westrivereagle.com.  

Please be careful this week. These temperatures can be deadly but they don’t have to be. Take extra care with space heaters. Be careful driving. Avoid unnecessary travel. Avoid going outside whenever possible. If there was ever a time to get a ride instead of walking, this is that time. Better yet, stay in and don’t risk it. Check on your neighbors, friends, and relatives. Be safe.

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