Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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West River Eagle Local Weather Outlook

Break Out the Sunscreen 

March closed out with some of the highest winds of the year.  According to Mesonet, the South Dakota State weather service, wind gust speeds topped 54 mph on Monday with average wind-speed at 38 mph. This coming week will be a bit calmer. 

This week, we can look forward to one of the warmest first weeks of April in memory.  This coming weekend will be mostly sunny and warm (like upper 70s to low 80s warm!) with lows that will be in the mid 40s.  Wind will be between 10 mph to 20 mph; conditions are right for severe gusting similar to last week.  Perfect kite-flying weather. 

Temperatures will fall into the 60s on Monday and remain there through next Thursday.  Expect it to be in the 40s all week. Winds will blow between 8 mph to 20 mph. 

The highest chance for rain fall is on Tuesday with a 24% chance of precipitation.  A low-pressure system is moving through the area. If it does rain it is more likely to be spotty thunderstorms than a steady downpour.  

Warm winds and dry vegetation are a recipe for wildfire.  We cannot stress the danger enough.  Fire needs three components: heat, fuel, and oxygen.  The mostly dry and historically warm winter left us under conditions that are ideal for wildfires.  High dry warm winds literally feed fires. The grass fire near Lemmon is an example of how quickly a fire can get out of control. Please pay careful attention and tend outdoor fires responsibly with purposeful diligence; one stray spark can be deadly. 

What is Springtime’s favorite game?  Twister. 

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Stay safe, wear a mask, and keep on keeping on. 

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