Saturday, December 4, 2021

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West River Eagle Local Weather Outlook

Yellow leaves, frost, ice, and snow

Time to break out the wool hat. The chance of an autumn snow hitting Eagle Butte Wednesday morning was 74% at press time on Tuesday afternoon; less than ½ inch of snow accumulation was forecast in the model but actual accumulation is likely to melt into freezing rain fairly fast.  There is a declining chance of precipitation as the day turns to night with a 6% chance of overnight precipitation that continues into Thursday. 

Thursday will be cool in the morning with an expected low of 31°F and a partly-cloudy afternoon high of 51°F.  Winds will be gusting E-SE-S 6 mph to 9 mph. There is a small chance of rain that will increase to 13% overnight. Fog and ice are likely.

Friday will start out with a sunrise low of 33°F and a late afternoon high of 58°F. Winds will pick up from SE 6 mph in the morning hours to E 12 mph by sunset. There is a 24% chance of pre-dawn precipitation that will lower to an 8% chance after sunrise.  Expect morning fog and frost.  

Saturday will be mostly cloudy with an early morning low of 38°F and an afternoon high of 53°F. There will be gusting EES-E 16 mph to 20 mph winds that should calm to 10 mph by sunset. There is a 9% likelihood of scattered thunderstorms and/or showers during the day and a 20% chance of nighttime precipitation; it will be bone-chilling if it does rain.

Sunday will be cloudy with an early morning low of 42°F high of 57°F.  There is an 11% to 14 % chance that it will rain during the day; that will increase to 22% after sunset.  Morning fog is likely, ice is not.  Winds will be fairly steady EES 12 mph.

Monday may feel to some like a heat wave as the high is expected to reach 62°F by early afternoon after a pre-dawn low of 46°F. Winds will be gusting SE 12 mph to 19 mph. The chance of daytime precipitation is 7%, the chance of evening precipitation increases to 13% by midnight.  Fog is likely, ice is not.

Tuesday will be a bit warmer, expect an afternoon high of 63°F with a late night low of 41°F. Winds will be dancing SE-S-W 13 mph to 17 mph with plenty of clouds in the sky. There is at least a 25% chance of precipitation; likely in the form of scattered showers and/or pop-up thunderstorms. Fog is likely.

Wednesday should be nicer with a projected high of 62°F after a sunrise low of 42°F. Winds will be gusting W 16 mph to 21 mph. There is less than a 4% of precipitation. Morning and evening fog are likely.

Thursday is going to be a bright and sunny 63°F following a sunrise low of 41°F. Winds will gust W-WSW 12 mph to 18 mph. There will be less than a 3% chance of rain.

What do you call dangerous precipitation? “A rain of terror.” That’s the weather pre-Halloween joke for this week. Please send one that might actually cause laughter to Until next week, be safe, mask-up, and look out for one another.

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