Sunday, October 24, 2021

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West River Eagle Local Weather Outlook

It is finally going to start feeling like fall; it is probably time to put away the AC and prepare for cooler weather. We have our first frost-watch of the season for Wednesday and our second one next Thursday; it is a good idea to cover up still-producing garden plants with a sheet or paper bag.

Friday will be the warmest day of the coming week with an afternoon high of 76ºF and a low of 55ºF. There will be plenty of slow-moving clouds but the chance of day-time rain is less than 5%. Morning fog is likely. Winds will shift E-N-E between 6 mph to 9 mph as the day progresses. There is a 25% of night-time scattered showers and/or pop-up thunderstorms.

Saturday is expected to give us .8 inches of rain; thunderstorms are likely.  Skies will be overcast with a 48% chance of precipitation with a high of just 65ºF and a low of 43ºF.  Winds will pick up significantly as the day turns to dusk; expect winds E-SE at 5 mph in the morning that will increase to nearly 20 mph by sunset. Plan for morning fog.

Sunday will be sunny with a high of 70ºF and a low of 43ºF. Winds will be kicking 15 mph up to 20 mph but they will die down to 7 mph shortly after sunset. The daytime chance of rain is low but there is a fair chance of scattered showers before sunrise and after sunset.

Monday will be sunny with a high of 71ºF and a low of 45ºF. S-SE winds will be gusting 13 mph to 19 mph. There is a 19% of pre-dawn rain, a 5% chance of daytime showers, and an 11% chance of midnight showers. Morning fog is likely.

Tuesday will have a few more clouds in the sky than on Monday. Expect a high of 68ºF with an early morning low of 43ºF. Winds will be gusting E 10 mph to 17 mph. There is a fair chance, 18%, of daytime rain and a 24% chance of scattered evening showers and/or pop-up thunderstorms.

Wednesday will more than likely be a whole day of scattered showers with a high of 58ºF and a late night low of 37ºF. There is about a 40+% chance of scattered rain and/or thunderstorms throughout the day. Winds will be gusting E-S 15 mph with a severe shift W around the midnight hour.

Thursday will be partly cloudy with a high of only 55ºF and a low of 35ºF. Winds will be gusting be-tween 15 mph and 18 mph. There is a 4% chance of rain.

“I’m A-Corn,” said the squash that was having an identity crisis. That’s the weather joke for this week, please send yours to  Be safe, stay dry, and have a good week.

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