Saturday, September 18, 2021

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West River Eagle Local Weather Outlook

We finally received some much-needed rain along with welcome relief from the oppressive summertime heat. High winds of more than 28 mph that were recorded on Tuesday did their part in drying up the roads. 

Thursday is going to be windy and hot with a high of at least 85°F after an early morning low of 58°F.  Winds will be gusting S-SE 9 mph to 16 mph; there is a fair probability of straight-line winds in the valleys during afternoon hours. 

Sunrise on Friday will be a brisk 58°F but it will get hot by mid-afternoon with a high of 94°F by 2:00 pm. There is a slight chance of some scattered rain but don’t count it. Do count on gusting N-NNW 5 mph to 10 mph and cloud cover to build as the day passes. The temperature will drop fast as the sun goes down and winds shift E; it will be a good evening to go fishing. There is a 10% chance of overnight showers. 

The weekend will be nice. Saturday will be 20° cooler than Friday. Partly cloudy skies will be with us throughout the day, but they will be traveling through the sky add a quick rate of speed.  Winds will be gusting N-NNE-NE 10 mph to 15 mph all day and throughout the night. There is an 11% chance of precipitation.

Sunday will have enough clouds in the sky that the sunrise should be spectacular if you can see it through the fog that is sure to blanket the landscape. The high of 75°F and fast-moving fall skies are likely to make for one of the nicest days of the year, except for the wind of course. Plan for gusting E-SE 9 mph to 15 mph winds with a 25% chance of scattered AM showers.

Monday will be muggy, partly sunny, and there is a very real chance of scattered showers in morning hours and again in the early evening. Enjoy an early morning low of 51°F and an afternoon high of 79°F. Winds will shift SE-S-W-N 9 mph to 14 mph between sunrise and sunset. These conditions are indicators that suggest a fair likelihood of pop-up thunderstorms, especially to our east. We have a 25% chance of rain.

Winds will even out some on Tuesday to a steady NNW 11 mph breeze that will be with us through the day.  The day will begin with an early morning low of 50°F and warm to an afternoon high of 74°F under partly sunny skies. There is a 20% chance of a.m. showers and a 5% chance of pop-up thunderstorms in the evening. 

Wednesday will be the sunniest day of the week. Expect an early morning low of 53°F and an afternoon high of 77°F. Winds will be gusting SSE 9 mph to 12 mph. Rain is unlikely.

Thursday will see a few more clouds and a few more degrees of heat. Morning will be a cool 50°F, but it will quickly warm to at least 79°F by early afternoon. Expect the temperature to fall off a bit around sunset. There is a very low chance of precipitation of proximately 3% in the early morning and 10% just after sunset. Winds will be shifty and gusty SSE-S-SSW-W 11 mph to 15 mph.

Why did the woman go outdoors with her purse open? She expected some change in the weather. That’s the weather joke for this week! Please send yours to

Stay safe and cool this week!

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