Sunday, October 24, 2021

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West River Eagle Local Weather Outlook

Relief from the heat on the way

Several weeks of hot weather is about to end abruptly on Friday.  Sunrise will likely be covered with clouds but it will be a pleasant 62°F with a better than 55% chance of rain. NNW winds 10 mph to 17 mph will bring in the coolest temperatures we have had since springtime. It will only warm up to 74°F before it falls to 52°F by midnight. Skies will clear up a little bit in the afternoon but there is a strong possibility of afternoon thunderstorms and/or scattered showers. There is a 25% chance of overnight precipitation.

Saturday will be a great day for fishing. Sunrise will feature the low temperature of the day of 53°F with mostly sunny skies and a 25% chance of scattered showers. It will heat up to 77°F. NW winds will shift ESE gusting between 10 to 15 mph in the late afternoon. 

Isolated thunderstorms are on the menu for Sunday afternoon with a fair chance of at least .05 inches of rain. Skies should be mostly sunny through the day with a high of 80°F in the early afternoon and an early morning low 58°F. Winds will shift SE to SW 10 mph to 15 mph in the afternoon and SW to NE around sunset. There is a 35% chance of overnight scattered showers and/or pop-up thunderstorms overnight.

Monday will be mostly sunny with an early morning low in the upper 50s. The temperature will top out at 84°F in the afternoon through sunset. E winds 8 mph to 14 mph will shift SE-SSE around noon with the possibility of bringing more gulf moisture into the region. There was only a 6% chance of rain when this article went to press but conditions related to Tropical Storm Fred may have a more significant impact on local weather than modeling suggests.

Tuesday should be bright and sunny but there will be a few clouds. Expect an afternoon high of 81°F with a late nigh low of 52°F. There will be an early morning wind shift SSE 10 mph to 15 mph with a fair likelihood of gusting. There is a very slight chance of early morning scattered showers; there is no chance of snow.

Wednesday’s sunrise has the potential to be the prettiest of the week. A sunrise low of a brisk 53°F will give way to a mostly sunny day that will see a high of only 80°F around 5:00 pm. It will drop to 60°F by midnight. Winds will be shifting NW-NNE-E 7 mph to 12 mph as the day goes on. Again, there is little chance of rain unless Fred tracks further west than modeling suggests.

Thursday will be the warmest day of the week but it will not be nearly as warm as last week; expect an afternoon high of 84°F preceded by a sunrise low of 55°F.  An E-SE wind will be gusting between 7 mph to 15 mph. There is a 6% chance of scattered showers in the morning and a 5% chance in the afternoon and through the overnight.

The National Weather Service issued a “Red Flag Warning” for Corson, Campbell, Walworth, Dewey, Potter, Stanley, Sully, Hughes, Jones and Lyman areas; conditions that are supportive of rapid fire growth. A Red Flag Warning means that critical fire weather conditions are either occurring now, or will shortly. A combination of strong winds, low relative humidity, and warm temperature can contribute to extreme fire behavior. Please be sure to take appropriate precautions.

What did one raindrop say to the other? “My plop is bigger than your plop.” That’s the weather joke for this week, send yours to Be safe, wear your mask, and enjoy the break in the heat.

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