Saturday, December 4, 2021

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West River Eagle Local Weather Outlook

Slight relief from heat on the way

If drought conditions were less severe, this coming week would be ideal August weather. Sadly, the reality is that we are in need of rain and there is little chance of it.

The weekend will kick off with an early morning low of 56°F and a pleasant high of just 85°F in the late afternoon.  There will be a few clouds in the sky as a high-pressure frontal system moves through, peaking in the morning as N winds shift SE-W-E 5 mph to 10 mph as the day progresses.  There is almost zero chance of rain.

Saturday will be a bit warmer. Expect an early morning low of 61°F and a sunny high of 90°F in the afternoon.  It should be a pleasant 80°F sunset. Winds should be steady ESE 5 mph to 10 mph. There is an 8% chance of pop-up showers in the afternoon. The chance of rain increases closer to the Missouri River and in lower elevations.

Sunday will be hotter and windier. The day will start out with a very nice 64°F low that will rise to at least 92°F by early afternoon. Winds will provide some relief as an 8 mph SE morning breeze picks up as the day moves on and atmospheric pressure continues to fall.  Expect 15 mph SE gusting by noon.  There will be a few clouds in the sky, along with a minuscule chance that the clouds might drop some rain, most likely nearer the river.

Monday will feature a few more clouds, but it will be just as hot as Sunday.  Expect an early morning low of 65°F and an afternoon high of 92°F.  Winds will be gusting SE 12 mph in the morning and SE 18 mph in the evening, with possible conditions for straight-line winds and intermediate gusting. There is a chance of pop-up thundershowers after 5 P.M., again more likely near the river and in lower elevations.

Tuesday will be a bit cooler with an expected high of 88°F and a morning low of 67°F with partly cloudy skies and a 25% chance of scattrered showers. SE winds will be gusting between 12 mph to 14 mph.  There is a 16% chance of morning rain and a 25% chance of afternoon thunderstorms and/or scattered showers; still more likely by the river and on lower elevations.

Wednesday will be a bit cooler still with a sunrise low of 60°F and an afternoon high of just 84°F. SE winds will shift S-ESE with some gusting between 11 mph to 15 mph.  There is a 25% chance of pre-dawn scattered showers that will drop to a 7% to 15% chance for the rest of the day.

Next Thursday will feature a brisk 59°F wake-up with partly cloudy skies. There is a 25% chance of morning showers and nearly ideal conditions for an afternoon thunderstorm and scattered pop-up showers near the river. Winds will be gusting ESE between 9 mph and 13 mph with an afternoon E-ENE shift.

What is the difference between a horse and the weather? One is reined up and the other rains down. That’s the weather and the joke for this week. Send yours to 

Please recall that there is still a fire ban due to severe fire risk. Please be mindful of the very real danger of sever wildfires. Though temperatures will be a bit cooler, heat can still be a killer. Please take time to check on Elders and neighbors this week, especially during afternoon heat. Take care, be safe, and stay cool.

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