Saturday, December 4, 2021

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Slight relief from heat wave on the way

The weekend will be slightly cooler than last week but not by much; it will still be hot. It is, after all, August on the prairie. This year, August is likely to be one of the driest on record.  The UDSA has upgraded their drought assessment for our area to level 3, “severe drought.” There is very little chance of significant rainfall next week.

Friday’s sunrise will be a pleasant morning low of 63°F that will heat up to an early evening high of at least 95°F. There is a slight chance of afternoon scattered showers or a pop-up thunderstorm as a low-pressure system move into the area. Winds will be gusting EES between 8 mph to 20 mph throughout the day and night. The partly sunny skies along with smoke from western wildfires in the upper atmosphere should make for a fantastic sunset.

Saturday will be another brilliant sunrise with a pleasant low of 63°F and a late afternoon high of 91°F. The temperature will not drop below 70°F until midnight. There is an early morning ESE to W wind shift that will bring gusting between 9 mph to 15 mph.  A few scattered showers are possible but unlikely.

Sunday will be the hottest day of the week. Expect an afternoon high of 95°F. The morning will be another beauty with the day’s low of 63°F. Mostly sunny skies with 5 mph to 14 mph W winds expected to shift E around sunset. Gusting is likely, rain is not.

Monday’s sunrise will be another early morning low of 60°F. Monday feature an afternoon high of only 87°F. North winds 10 mph to 17 mph will blow in some clouds, but rain is again unlikely.

Tuesday will be even cooler than Monday with an expect high of only 87°F. The day will start out at a nice and low 60°F and end with pleasant 68°F at midnight.  Eastern winds will be gusting between 10 mph to 14 mph. Morning fog in low areas is likely. There is a 18% chance of precipitation, but it is once again it’s unlikely to be a significant amount.

Wednesday’s sunrise will be a brisk 59°F with partly cloudy skies; it should be an impressive display of color. E winds will hold steady between 9 mph to 12 mph for most of the day and then shift NE in the late afternoon.  There is a fair chance of pop-up thunderstorms in the afternoon though significant rainfall is not likely.

Next Thursday’s sunrise will look a lot like Wednesday’s sunrise with another brisk 59°F wake-up.  There may be some fog in the valleys as steady N-NE-ENE 9 mph to 11 mph winds continue to bring in a parade of clouds.  There is a 21% chance of morning scattered showers.

Last week, we received 0.47 inches of much needed water.  We also got blasted with 100+°F 25+ mph winds that dried things up almost as fast as the rain fell.  The risk of fire is just as high as it was before the rain. Please take care to remind each other that there is still a fire ban in place. One stray cigarette-butt can cause a lot of misery; please take care to ensure cigarettes are completely extinguished. 

What do you call a snowman in July? A puddle! What is black and white and red all over? A zebra with a sunburn. That’s the weather joke(s) for this week; please send yours to  Take care and be safe.  

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