Saturday, September 18, 2021

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Heat wave to continue

Is it hot enough yet? Mother Nature says, “no.” Next week will be the hottest yet of the year.  Sweltering is most appropriate term to refer to the next seven days. There is a 25% chance that we will get at least some rain at some point next week, but it still will not be enough to head off the drought of 2021.  

Friday will be a toasty 96°F in Eagle Butte, expect 100+°F in valleys, with an early morning low of 72°F. The sky will have a fair amount of lazy clouds that should make for a nice sunset; there is a 25% chance that a few of those clouds might drop some of their water as scattered showers.  NE winds between 7 mph and 10 mph will hold steady through the night. 

Saturday could reach 100°F.  Forecast modeling suggests a high if 98°F with an early morning low of 67°F. There is a 25% chance that partly cloudy skies may give way to an afternoon thunderstorm or pop-up showers given the expected drop in pressure, humidity, and temperature following a rapid NE-SW-E wind shift that will bring in a little moisture.  Expect gusting between 5 mph to 15 mph.

Sunday will be virtually identical except that it will probably be a little warmer and have a slightly higher 26% chance of an afternoon thunderstorm.  The high will easily reach 97°F with higher temps expected in valleys with an early morning low of 69°F.  Winds will hold stead SSE 5 mph to 13 mph.  

Monday will be hot enough. The high will be at least 100°F with an early morning low of 70°F.  Clouds will mostly burn off by noon leaving high humidity that will make the heat seem hotter.  Winds will be gusting between S-SSE 10 mph and 20 mph. There is a 25% chance of morning scattered showers. 

Tuesday will be just as uncomfortably hot as Monday and every bit as humid.  Expect a high of at least 99°F with a late night low of 72°F.  Expect SSE winds between 10mph and 15 mph to be gusty.  The chance of rain is miniscule.

Wednesday will also be hot.  The high will be at least 95°F with an early morning low of 68°F. Morning humidity will make it feel muggy.  Patchy morning fog is likely but it should burn off early.  Winds will shift ESE to E in the early morning and pick up from 10 mph to 15 mph by sunset.  There is a 10% chance of scattered showers but don’t bet on it.

Thursday will seem like a day in Alaska considering the previous six days.  Expect a high of ONLY 89°F with a late night low of 64°.  And expect at least a 25% chance of rain as another high pressure system moves in from the east.  Winds should be gusty E 12mph to 18 mph.  There will be plenty of clouds to make for a great sunset but afternoon thunderstorms could easily form if there is a sudden drop in pressure, something that is likely to happen around sunset. 

What did the pig say on a really hot day?  “I’m bacon.” Thank you to Turtle from Promise for this week’s very funny weather joke. Do you have a weather joke?  Please send it to   

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