Sunday, July 25, 2021

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West River Eagle Local Weather Outlook

PHOTO BY FRAN CARR A massive storm front blew into Eagle Butte on Sunday, July 11. This image was taken from BIA 3 just north of the turn off from 212, looking west toward Eagle Butte. The town sits under the V of the storm. Rain and hail pummeled the town, stretching as far as Dupree. There were scattered showers along the periphery of the storm.

Clear Skies and Lighter Winds Saturday, High Winds Return Sunday

Thursday sunshine will give way to heavy clouds and high winds in excess of 30mph on Friday.  The expect a high temperature of 66°F and a low of 26°F.  Windchill will make it feel about 20°F colder.  There is a 20% likelihood of precipitation, given projected atmospheric conditions “pop-up” thunderstorms are possible.  Beware if ice and fog.

Saturday will have the clearest skies of the week. Expect Saturday windspeeds between 6mph to 13 mph with a high temperature of 66°F with a low of 35F.  Sunday will be mostly cloudy and very windy.  Expect wind speeds in excess of 30 mph with a strong likelihood of gusting as a high-pressure system comes in from the north.

Cool north winds will stay with us through the week.  Monday will have wind speeds between 15 mph and 25 mph.  Again, expect gusting.  A high of 50°F and a low of 26°F are expected.  Beware of ice and fog in the early morning.  

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be much of the same though somewhat sunnier.  Highs in the mid 50s, lows in the high 20s.  Humidity is high enough black ice could be a hazard in some places such as bridges.  Patchy fog is possible in the early mornings.  Expect wind speeds between 7 mph to 16 mph. The likelihood of precipitation is low.

The risk of fire remains high due to ongoing drought conditions despite recent rainfall.  It will only take a moment for a stray ember to blow into an inferno that moves across the fields like a thunderous herd of wild horses.  Please be sure to respect the dry conditions and carefully attend to any necessary fires with care.

Weather joke of the week: A windmill and a solar panel are having a discussion during a thunderstorm.  The windmill said, “Fine weather we’re having!”  The solar panel replied hopelessly, “I am not a fan.”  A nearby nuclear powerplant overhears them, feels left-out, and has a meltdown.  “What an over reactor!” Says the solar panel to the windmill.  

Do you have a better weather joke that that one?  Please send it to or Tweet it to us @WREWeather.  Take care, wear your mask, be safe, and have a good week.

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