Saturday, June 19, 2021

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West River Eagle Local Weather Outlook

Sunscreen, Wind, and Heat

The end of springtime is near but it already feels like the dog days of summer.  Some areas of West River received rainfall but it was swallowed up by the earth as fast as it fell; fire-risk remains high.  High winds provided much needed relief from the heat; temperatures across Cheyenne River Reservation hit 100°+ last week.   

This weekend will be pretty nice.  There is a 58% likelihood of overnight rain on Thursday but the low-pressure system bringing the rain and cloud-cover will blow through by daybreak.  Friday will be sunny and windy.  Expect WNW winds in excess of 30 mph and comfortable temperature reaching the high 70s with a low of 55°F.  There is a 20% chance of overnight precipitation. 

Saturday will be bright and sunny with a high near 90°F and an early morning low of 60°F.  Winds will seem a bit calmer with a morning SE to S wind shift that will bring speeds between 5 and 15 mph.  There will be another shift E at sunset that will bring 10 mph overnight winds.  There is a 20% chance of morning precipitation.  Watch for fog in the valleys. 

Sunday will be hotter with 10 to 15 mph E winds bringing us some Gulf coast heat all day.  Expect a high of 92°F and a low of 62°F.  It will be sunny but there is enough of a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm and/or scattered showers that it should be mentioned.  The sunset should be spectacular. 

Monday will be mostly sunny with a high of 92°F and a low of 64°F.  Winds will continue out of the east with speeds between 12 to 18 mph.  Expect strong gusting.  There is a slight chance of thunderstorms and/or scattered showers around sunset.  Watch for morning fog. 

Tuesday will reach a high of 92°F with a low of 64°F with partly cloudy skies.  The clouds will be scooting along, pushed by E winds between 12 to 18 mph.  Strong gusting is likely.  There is a 22% chance of morning and afternoon showers.  The sky will clear up enough to host another picture-perfect sunset. 

Wednesday will be mostly sunny with a high near 100° and a low in the mid 60s.  There is an ever-so-slight chance of rainfall.  E winds will blow between 10 to 15 mph.  Morning fog is possible. 

Thursday will be slightly cooler with an expected high in the low 90s and a low around 60.  The E wind that has been warming us up all week will shift N just after sunrise.  It will bring enough clouds that there is a 30% chance of precipitation.  Modeling suggests ideal conditions for severe weather outbreaks in the early evening.   

What did one pig say to the other pig at the beach?  “I’m bacon!”  That’s the weather joke this week.  A special shout out to Brett Curry for a hearty laugh.  Submit your weather joke, story, or picture to  Please remember to wear sunscreen, no one wants to be bacon.

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