Thursday, May 13, 2021

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West River Eagle Local Weather Outlook

We got rain!

Rain! We got rain! The much-needed rain came with cool temperatures and cloudy skies. This is a low-pressure system that stretched from southern California to western North Dakota. The weather in Eagle Butte was overcast and cool. It could be considered good news that we have enough moisture in the ground for gumbo to return. Might the color green return to the landscape this week? 

The weekend is going to warm up as the low-pressure system moves through. The week will end with a high of 81°F on Friday. Westerly winds will shift to WSW in the early morning, southerly around noon, and SW by evening. Plan for wind speeds between 10 mph to 16 mph. Straight-line wind gusting is likely during rapid wind-direction shifts. The overnight low will be in the low 50s. 

Saturday will be partly cloudy with a high temperature of 79°F. There is a 10% chance of precipitation overnight with a low near 55°F; it will feel more like 35°F due to NW wind speeds between 10 mph to 17 mph. 

Sunday will cool off a bit with a high of 65°F and a low of 46°F. Expect N-NW winds between 13 mph to 18 mph with 25% chance of precipitation. Overcast skies will continue into Monday with a high of 59°F around 2 p.m. Winds will be NNE between 10 mph and 15 mph. There is a 25% chance of rain. 

The sun will partly return on Tuesday along with SSE winds that will shift N-NE in the late afternoon and early evening. Beware of prolonged high wind gusts and straight-line winds. There is a 18% chance of rain. Expect a high of 62°F and a low of 39°F. Wednesday will be about the same but with a 3% chance of rain. 

Thursday will have a high of about 70°F with an overnight low of 41°F. Expect strong NNW-N winds to reach 20 mph by mid-afternoon. There is a 15% chance of rain in the early morning. 

A sapling cottonwood tree asked the giant old cottonwood tree, “What does thunder taste like?” The old experienced survivor of many winters and too many storms to count quickly replied, “You would be shocked by the answer.” 

Please submit your joke, picture, or weather story to A special thank you Kurt Huber for providing rainfall data this week. 

The risk of fire remains high even though it rained last week. It is good to remind ourselves that there is still a fire ban in effect on CRST. 

Stay safe, wear a mask, and don’t forget your sunglasses this weekend. 

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