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April blizzard brings May flowers

So far this month we have had a blizzard and one of the hottest days for the month of April in 133 years. It is now safe to say that the rest of the month will feel much more like April on the Great Plains should feel. Our moisture to date for 2023 is the 46th wettest in 133 years of record keeping.

We are on the eastern edge of a very large cool low-pressure system that stretches from the Rockies to the Mississippi. It looks like that system is going to stay in place into the middle of next week. We can expect typical April weather through the end of the month and some real warmth to bring in those May flowers.

Thursday will feature more rain with a morning low of 37°F and an afternoon high near 60°F. Plan for up to half an inch of rain in PM hours with a 79% chance of scattered showers; an afternoon thunderstorm is possible. Winds will be active, shifting NE-SSE-SW-NW-W 5 mph in the morning to 25 mph by nightfall. 

Friday will give us a chance to dry out with cloudy skies and plenty of wind. Plan for a morning low of 36°F that will feel like 28°F and an afternoon high of 56°F that will feel like 50°F. There is an 83% chance of early morning rain, a 24% chance of daytime rain, and a 4% chance of evening rain. Winds will be gusting N-NNW-NW 24 mph to 6 mph. Heavy fog is likely.

Saturday should be dry but plan for heavy winds and fast-moving clouds. Also plan for an afternoon high of 59°F and a late night low of 32°F; frost is likely. Winds will be gusting W-N 8 mph to 25 mph. A pop-up spring thunderstorm is possible, but not likely, in the afternoon.

The sun will come out on Sunday with a sunrise low of 29°F and an afternoon high of 55°F. There is a 6% chance of rain. Winds will be gusting NW-N-NNE 9 mph to 18 mph. 

May begins on a Monday this year with sunny skies, a morning low of 30°F, and an afternoon high of near 61°F. There is a 9% chance of scattered rain. Winds will be shifting N-NE 8 mph to 16 mph. 

Tuesday will be mostly sunny with a high of 63°F and a low of 38°F. There is a 7% chance of rain. Winds will be gusting E 10 mph to 18 mph. 

Wednesday will be mostly sunny with a morning low of 42°F and a comfortable high of 70°F. There is a 6% chance of scattered rain. Winds will be gusting E-EES 10 mph to 18 mph. Stronger gusting is possible.

Next Thursday should be just as nice with a morning low of 40s and an afternoon high in the mid-70s but there is a 15% chance of scattered rain. We expect winds to be gusting SE-E 9 mph to 16 mph. 

What do you call a deer dancing in the rain? A dancing reindeer. A special thank you to Weather Observer Rev. Kurt for his report of 0.4 inches of rain as of Tuesday morning.

Please send your joke to weather@westrivereagle.com. Be safe, stay dry, and have a great week!

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