Monday, August 10, 2020

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Weekly lawn and gardening tips

Floyd Braun

Greetings everyone, I hope all of you and your families are well. This week I will go over what seems like a far off time- fall and winter. July and August are times when property managers and estates begin looking for supplies for winter and left over stock they can get at a discount.

Items to look for now and in August:

50 pound bags of ice melt. You can save as much as $4.00 per bag on orders of 10 bags or more.

Liquid deicing mixes

Hand plows and snow blowers

Plows for pick-up trucks and quads

Negotiating snow removal contracts: If you seek out bids now you can save as much as 10% for the season with a contract.

Suppliers that offer discounts on the off season:

Black Hills Chemical, H.D. Supply Solutions, Lowes Commercial Sales, Home Depot Commercial Sales, and Menards. You do not have to have a business at these retailers to get commercial discounts, but you must order in bulk.

Formula for estimating deicing needs: For every 200 square feet of area, you can figure one 50-pound bag per week. Our snow and ice the last two years began on  before October 10 and lasted until May 15. So that’s 8 months and 4.2 weeks per month and you will need 1 bag per week, per 200 square feet of surface to keep clear.

How to figure your total surface area for a property: It’s the total width times length of an area. I split my areas up by buildings to measure large areas and then add all the buildings together. This will tell you how many bags you will need for a typical year.

Snow removal for commercial sites: Pre-purchase minimum plans now with options to add additional dates as time goes on, this way you can set your 2020-21 service plan up now. I figure 2.5 days per week to start, this includes ground blizzard days.