Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Eagle Butte

Weather and snow creates problems for garbage pickup

The cold and snow over the last few weeks have taken its toll on the area.

Garbage pickup around Cheyenne River is one area greatly affected.

The Landfill operates four rear load dumpster trucks, however two of those trucks have been broken down.

“We have two trucks going now, and we are going after another one, it should be here by the end of the week,” said Environmental Protection Program Director D.D. Nelson, who oversees landfill operations.

With three trucks running in the communities, Nelson is hopeful that they’ll catch up soon.

“Our goal, weather permitting, is to have everything picked up out in the communities by next week,” said Nelson.

He said that the cold has been hard on the trucks.

“We’d get one running and the other one would break down, then we’d get the other one up and going and the other one would go down,” said Nelson.

Although there is an ordinance in place for burning garbage, many frustrated area resident’s have turned to burning garbage in the dumpsters. Nelson said burning in dumpsters is hard on the containers.

“Please refrain from burning in the dumpsters, it will cause further damage to dumpsters,” added Nelson.

The landfill has put out an updated pickup schedule for the communities and automated pickup in town.