Friday, September 25, 2020

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Vandalism of trucks delay CR Gas Company operations

Sometime in the late hours on Friday night, January 25, individual(s) vandalized two Cheyenne River Gas Company delivery trucks. The culprits opened the hoods and cut hoses and wirings, causing extensive damage which resulted in the trucks being inoperable.

CR Gas Company Manager Luke Pederson said that the fleet is now reduced from five delivery trucks to three, and that the setback has effected delivery operations.

“Our service delivers across the entire reservation. Now we’re down two trucks and it might take anywhere between two weeks to a month for repairs. We just don’t know right now,” Pederson said.

A police report was filed and the incident is under investigation.

Pederson asked the public for their patience with the temporary delay of delivery services and urged everyone to call in an order before they completely run out of propane.

For more information or to place an order for delivery, you may contact CR Gas Company at 605-964-3307.

The Cheyenne River Gas Company fleet recently suffered extensive damage at the hands of vandals who cut wires and hoses of two propane delivery trucks, resulting in delay of service for customers.

Damage to two delivery trucks resulted in the delay of service for CR Gas Company customers.

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