Thursday, June 4, 2020

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Upper Elementary News… Keeping up with the Newspaper Club

Robotics Club at the UE

By Abrielle RedDog

Mr. Heidlebaugh is showing Eli Miner and Miley Janis how to read a robot manual, and how to build a Lego robot that is controlled by a simple controller. He is letting them start on Sphero’s which is a robot that you control with a tablet, it can change color and go your speed. The kids at the Upper Elementary are having fun with robotics after school from 4:00 – 5:15. Remember to pick up your students on time.

5th Grade AR challenges

By Hope Shorty and Rylee Miner

The fifth grade classes are challenging themselves to earn at least 1,000 AR points.  Classrooms that reach this goal get to participate in the end-of the-year AR celebration which will be at the City Park from 10: 30am to 1:00pm in May the day before the last day of school. All students in 3rd through 6th with 100 points are invited. All 2nd graders with 50 or more points are invited. Everyone will have a lunch, play games, and enjoy ice cream.

All classes 3rd through 6th who have 1000 collective points may participate as long as every student has 25 or more points. Those student without 25 point will stay behind and read. Second grade classrooms need 500 collective points to participate with a 15 point minimum per student.

The fifth grade students are working hard to make their challenge. So far Ms. Whirlwind Horse has 386 points. Mrs. Schuler has 679 points. Mr. Reese is around 400 points. Mrs. Vrooman has about 250 points, and Ms. Afraid of Hawk with about 350 points.  Please encourage your child to keep on reading. Work hard. It’s a fun day!


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