Saturday, August 15, 2020

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Upper Elementary News… Keeping up with the Newspaper Club

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to the West River Eagle and everyone who have read our articles. It has been a pleasure to write stories for the newspaper and actually see them in the paper. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. From all the Upper Elementary Newspaper Club.

By Alex Walters, Abrielle RedDog, and Hope N. Shorty

C-EB Upper Elementary Newspaper Club



Practicing Instant Challenges

The C-EB Destination Imagination teams have been busy practicing Instant Challenges. In Instant Challenges teams need to work together. They are presented with the challenge, but only have a few minutes to think about the solution and plan the skit. Then they get a few more minutes to perform their solution. Solutions need imagination, creativity, and acting skills.

One example for an Instant Challenge could be: Imagine that you are ship-wrecked on a deserted island. You are only able to save three things from your ship to help you survive. You have five minutes to decide what you are saving and prepare a two minute skit showing the how those items will help you survive.

Destination Imagination improves communication skills, develops team work, and builds a positive self-concept. “DI is fun. This is my first year in DI and I am looking forward to competing at the tournaments.”

By Riley Miner




Braves Store receives new blankets

This Christmas season students are selecting a blanket to give out for gifts during their December Braves Store. Each blanket equaled 16 Braves bucks. The money for these blankets come from tribal funds and district funds with an enhancement from TECA. This enhancement gave students more gift options. TECA means Tribal Equitable Compensation Act grants for educational incentives in schools.

American Legion Auxiliary  makes fruit baskets

Every Christmas season the American Legion Auxiliary ladies make fruit baskets for local veterans, elderly, or people who have suffered a lost throughout the year. They have been doing this for at least 15 years now. Nancy Dupris, Betsy Mitch-ell, Denise Willison, Jean Neigel, and Shelly Schuler made 17 baskets. When asked why they do this, Nancy Dupris, the ALA president said, “We do this is to honor those who have lost loved ones this year and also to remember the veterans and the elderly.

By Alex Walters

Christmas Crafts created at craft night

On December, 11 2019 in the C-EB Upper Elementary cafeteria, a parent and child Christmas craft activity was held.  The activities were enjoyable for the parent as well as the children.  The parents made wall hangers and signs while the children made Christmas ornaments.  Children and parents both took something home to decorate their homes.

The people that helped with this activity was Kenna LaPlante, Lori Martin, Jean Neigel, Jace Anderson, Francis Gonzalez, Haroldine Hill, Krissy Joens, and Heidi LaPlante. Mr. Heidlebaugh, Mrs. Watt, Mrs. Willison, Miss Lawrence, Brigdet Dupris, and Miss Dupris brought their after-school activity students so they could make some Christmas crafts.

There were many kinds of crafts made out of soft foam pieces or crafts sticks. Some of the activities for students were making mugs of cocoa, painted ornaments, reindeers of foam, date reindeer, and elves. The adult activities were painting large wall hangings that said “Joy”, and constructing wooden snowmen wall hangers, and making stockings.

Everyone had a great time at this activity and would like to thank the Parent Involvement program.

By Hope N. Shorty