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Upper Elementary News… Keeping up with the Newspaper Club

Ethan Ward as he helps at the pumpkin painting.

Meet newest reporter: Ethan Ward

My name is Ethan Ward. I like to wrestle and run cross country. My parents are Christine Ward and Kyle Ward. When I grow up I want to go into the military and fix planes. Then for a job, I want to be a computer programmer, so I can be like my dad. I also like to type and work on computers. The Newspaper Club is perfect for me because I like photography and typing. I’m looking forward to writing many unique articles. 

By Ethan Ward



Wild About Animals Assembly picture shows Miss Dupris trying to touch the alligators mouth while Jessa Garreau, Kyler Hopkin, Ryan Moran and a young boy watches on.

Wild About Animals comes to UE

Ms. Doreen from Dakota Assemblies entertained the Upper Elementary students in the second grade through the fifth grade with an assembly called Wild About Animals. Dakota Assemblies has teamed up with Wildlife Encounters to take students on a journey, as they explore our world’s amazing habitats and the animals that live within them! This award-winning, highly entertaining, and educational school assembly allowed students to meet and learn about some of the world’s most amazing animals.

Rylee Miner liked Taco, the hedgehog, because he was so cute and tiny. The baby Kangaroo was also precious, but the baby alligator, Darth Gator, was not so cute. Miss Dupris volunteered to help with the assembly, but when she was told to touch the alligator’s mouth she wasn’t so thrilled. All the students had fun learning about the animals.

By Wicahpiluta “Nona” Frazier


Hope Shorty and Wicahpi Frazier pose for a picture while helping at the pumpkin painting activity.

Abrielle RedDog poses with her pumpkin.









Pumpkin Painting

Connie Knight held a pumpkin painting activity at the Upper Elementary on Wednesday, October 23, 2019. There were 208 students who attended this parent involvement activity. Many staff members helped at this fun activity, as well as the Upper Elementary Newspaper Club members: Hope Shorty, Ethan Ward, Taya Johnson, Wicahpi Frazier, Abrielle RedDog, Rylee Miner, and Julietta Skinner. 

“The next parent involvement activity will be the Veterans Program in November,” stated Mrs. Knight

By Abrielle RedDog


Veterans Day Program

The Veterans Day Program will be on November 8, 2019 at 8:15 a.m. in the Upper Elementary Gym. Students will be taking invitations home next week to invite a veteran of their choosing. Last year over seventy-five veterans were in attendance. We are hoping to exceed that number this year. 

By Hope Shorty