Friday, July 3, 2020

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Jackie Bird visits C-EB School

Today our school had a special person visit our school — her name is Jackie Bird. She did dancing, hoop dance, round dance, singing, and showed the school her powwow regalia. The school children enjoyed her puppets and thought she said a lot of good things about culture. She is currently from Mandan Hidatsa. Her mom’s name is Dakota and she is from Sisseton. She has been performing for at least twenty years. She used to dance with her two sisters, but now she performs with her son, Big Boy.

By Abrielle RedDog









Second Grade Tutors

Many people have noticed some young people in our building between 12:45 and 1:55 PM. These high school students are here during the second grade reading intervention block. They are taking a Capstone Internship course in the high school, and their project is to work with second grade students to help with sight words, foundational reading skills and/or foundational math skills.

The four boys are Lennox Smith, Jay Veaux, Hoksila Annis, and Sylis Hollow Horn. When asked what they felt about the experience, they gave the following responses:

Lennox said, “I find it pretty fun and interesting to work with the kids. I want to motivate the kids to learn and work hard.”

Jay stated, “I want to give kids a better learning experience and show them good examples and to be good in school.”

Hoksila replied, “It feels good to help teach the younger generations.”

Sylis remarked, “I like to help out the youth get somewhere in life and teach them to live good lives.”

This is a positive interaction project with the high school and both the second graders and the high school students are gaining from this experience.

By Rylee Miner




Robotics was kicking it old school this week. Mr. Mader brought in a Star Wars wind-up figurine. Students had fun with the old style of toy, but also enjoyed the Spiros.

Pictured with the Spiros is Andon Benson.

By Rylee Miner                   




Students are now learning how to play notes on the staff and play real songs. Pictured is Zalayah Hayes from Mr. Logg’s Second Grade class.

By Ethan Ward



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