Thursday, June 4, 2020

Eagle Butte

Upper Elementary News… Keeping up with the Newspaper Club


By Rylee Miner

One week during after school Science Club we made slime. We made by it using glue, liquid lavender soap, baby lotion, baby oil, food coloring, liquid tide, shaving cream, and glitter. First, we put Elmer’s glue in our bowl. Then we added whatever we wanted. Too much tide can make your slime sticky, and too much lotion can make it runny. To make slime fluffy you need to use shaving cream. Once you get the ingredients you want, you mix it for a while with your hands or a spoon. Making slime is a lot of fun, but it can be very messy. Make sure you have you parent’s permission before you try making your own slime. At the end we had a contest to see whose slime was the stretchiest.

Instant DI Trip

By Khalysia Kelly

On are Instant Challenge DI trip, also known as IC Days, we went to Creekside Elementary in Spearfish. We did lots of instant challenges and then we did more challenges to practice before the real tournament. We go to spearfish again Saturday morning March 7. We all have to get up VERY, VERY early in the morning probably at 4:00 am, because we might leave at 5:30 am again.

Taco John’s food

By Taya Johnson, food critic

TJ’s food is good and I encourage you to go eat there. There is also a Taco Johns app that you can down load. When you purchase a minimum of $5.00 you can scan your receipt and earn a punch. When you get eight punches you earn a free combo meal. The app also sends you random coupons to use. The employees are cooking good food with everything on top. My favorite food is a soft shell taco with just cheese on top. What’s yours?