Sunday, May 31, 2020

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Upper Elementary News… Keeping up with the Newspaper Club

Meet UE’s Mrs. Farrar

5th grade student reporter Hope Shorty interviews Mrs. Farrar.

By Hope N. Shorty

Mrs. Farrar wanted to become a teacher because she loves working with children.  She has been a teacher for 19 years. Mrs. Farrar was a teacher in Louisville, Kentucky before she came to C-EB.  Her goal in Positive Action is for students to be happier at school and to learn. The thing she likes best about the Positive Action lesson is to get kids excited about being a role model to younger children. She would like to be a chef if she was not a teacher, because she loves cooking. Positive Action is helping her class by teaching them listening to each other’s ideas even if they don’t agree with each other. Her favorite activities are reading books and anything true crimes.


Valentine’s raffle

By Anjali S. Knife

The Walking Club is selling tickets for a huge Valentines bear. The tickets are one for a dollar or six for five dollars. The final day to purchase a ticket is Thursday, February 13th before noon. The proceeds will be used for the end of the year walking club incentives.




Positive Action

By Abrielle RedDog

Ms. Kathy LeBeau wanted to be a teacher to work with kids. She feels she can help the kids a lot with the Positive Action lessons. Ms. LeBeau worked as a teacher for twenty-five years. Before she came here she worked at Tiospaye Topa.   Ms. LeBeau’s goal is to help the students have a more positive attitude. It is wonderful when the students learn something new. If Ms. LeBeau wasn’t a teacher, she would like any job working with people. Ms. LeBeau said the Positive Action Program is helping her class a lot. Her favorite positive action activity is when they do the fun activities in their workbook.

5th and 6th grade basketball game

By Julietta Skinner

Four high school students volunteered as referees for the 5th and 6th grade boys’ basketball tournament with Little Eagle. These students were Sunni Dupris, Spencer Moran, Ronaye Moran, and Julia Spoonhunter. It is so great to have such wonderful role models.

The fifth grade game against Little Eagle was won by Little Eagle, but all the boys had a great time. The sixth grade team was victorious. Mrs. Corrine Weyand led girls in several cheers to encourage our teams. Other fans got into the game as well.

All the students, boys, enjoyed their basketball games and are looking to future athletic competitions.