Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Eagle Butte

TTS recognizes student excellence

Students Stace LeCompte, Kristyn Smith, Juanita Romero, Ashantii Black Bird, and Kaitlyn Smith received awards for having the top percentage in English on Awards Day held Thursday, May 17. Photo Submitted

Principal Brent Mareska presented TTS Junior Zak Zabadne with an award for his achievement on the Smarter Balanced Test. Photo Submitted

Tiospaye Topa high school athletes received letters and pins for their achievements in athletics for the year. Photo Submitted

Valedictorian Sunni Lynn Rousseau and Salutatorian Julia Lawrence were awarded the LTM and CRST Telephone Authority Scholarships during Tiospaye Topa’s Graduation ceremony on Friday, May 11. Photo Submitted

Eric Peters received a star quilt from Tiospaye Topa for his contribution and hard work at the school. Photo Submitted

Teachers were honored during Awards Day on Thursday May, 17 and received star quilts as a farewell gift for their service at Tiospaye Topa. Douglas Reynolds, Sonia Webb, Debra Opland, Rose Andersen, and Sarah Bross. Photo Submitted

The Tiospaye Topa Eighth Grade class of 2022 graduated on Friday, May 11. Alexie Bowker, Remi Ducheneaux, Kristyn Smith, Jamie Larvie, Julian Two Crow, Xendre’ Moran, Vetal Frazier, Arkal Begay; Not pictured: Calvin Ducheneaux, Daniel Black Bird. Photo Submitted