Saturday, August 15, 2020

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Toni Assman: beauty influencer and owner of Prairie Pepper

Toni Assman, lives in Lantry but was raised in Mission, SD. She is a mother of three children 9-year old Kahler, 6-year old Kiercen, and 3-year old Krue. In November of 2017, Toni said she began thinking about starting her own business, and approached her parents with the idea and a plan. They were on board and were willing to help her out in any way they could.

After establishing the legal framework to launch her business operations, she went to Denver Market in January of 2018 and started buying products for her business. She was 27 years at the time, and that was the beginning of her new adventure, Prairie Pepper Boutique.

Did we mention that she did all this while she worked a full-time job at a dialysis clinic?

Prairie Pepper Boutique is an online store which operates on Instagram and Facebook, and features products for sale. She regularly models clothes and accessories and customers can place orders online. Recently, she expanded her business into the world of beauty and now offers eyelash extensions and is a LimeLife Beauty Guide as well.

According to Toni, her love for all things beauty are rooted in her “passion to help women feel good about themselves.” She stated that in high school, she and her sister would often do makeovers on other girls.

“To see their faces when we were done was the best feeling ever,” said Toni.

The decision to go to cosmetology school came naturally and that helping women feel beautiful is “what I feel like I’m really here to do and that’s what I’m passionate about,” she said.

Toni offered advice for aspiring entrepreneurs – do your own research.

“Don’t rely on other people to give you all the answers, but also ask questions to business owners. Some won’t respond, as I’ve learned, but there are people who want to see others do just as good and are willing to help!”

Toni also offered encouragement to business owners, and said that perseverance is important.

“Don’t give up. You’ll hit slow months or days where you’re just not motivated to do anything, but if it’s something you’re passionate about, find a way to make it work and push through.”

Toni Assman and family