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Tom Reeves Youth ProposalFree Access

CRST Members,

March started out to be a good forecast for the Youth of the CRST Reservation. Unfortunately it didn’t last.

Tribal Council passed a motion to hire Tom Reeves as Coordinator of a Proposal that he wrote. The Proposal was to help ALL the YOUTH OF THE RESERVATION from all the Schools on the Reservation first grade to the twelfth grade and even on in to college.

CRST Chairman Harold Frazier, who also advocates for the youth, saw the value of the Proposal and found money for the Program at IHS. Funds that could be used for Suicide Prevention, Substance Abuse and Treatment, so he moved to acquire the funds as the Program would cover Prevention and Treatment for our youth.

The funds had been laying there not being utilized since 2015. My hats off to the Chairman.

Mr. Reeves is a World PRCA Champion and is a member of the CRST — the ONLY tribal member to reach such a lofty position. Mr. Reeves has also reached many other goals in his life, too numerous to mention here.

Along the way, Mr. Reeves has acquired many Sponsors who have supported him through the years, and he has very important connections with other World Champions. These Sponsors and Champions would most likely be willing to come and help out in different ways, such as providing monetary donations or even coming in person.

Mr. Reeves contacted RFD TV and told them what he was trying to do. They thought it was a great idea and even came to the March Council session at Green Grass. They were very interested in the Program Mr. Reeves was trying to start on the Reservation.   Just by talking to RFD TV, other news agencies have contacted Mr. Reeves,  also very interested and interested to see how it [Reeves’ idea for the program] developed.

Excellence- SOME Excel because they are Destined—MOST excel because they are Determined.

Mr. Reeves excelled because he was Destined, and because he was Determined.

After many years away from home (the CRST Reservation), Mr. Reeves wanted to come back and try to give something back to the CRST by helping the youth. So he wrote a Proposal for THAT purpose and it covered  many activities geared toward PREVENTION. Suicide—Drugs and Alcohol among others.

These activities were to include Rodeo as well as MANY other sports and social activities. It could have benefited the youth and the TRIBE as a whole.       

As a matter of fact, the only World Champions to ever come from this Reservation were ALL in the sport of RODEO.

And all have moved on to very successful lives after Rodeo to become productive citizens and leaders of the community.  So why would you not want your children to get involved if they so desire.

World Indian Champions from CRST: Marty Hebb, six-time Saddle Bronc Champion;  Bill Ward, Bull Riding Champion; Sloan Anderson, Barrel Racing & All Around Champion; C L Johnson, Bull Riding Champion; Lynn Williams, Team Roping Champion; Troy Ward, Bareback Bronc Champion; Kristen Lawrence, Barrel Racing Champion; and Tatum Ward at 14 years old, a World Champion.

Not to mention all the past State & High School Champions; there is not enough paper to name them all.

And keep in mind, you don’t have to live on a Ranch or live the western way of life to be involved in the sport of Rodeo, anybody can do it. All of these Champions were involved in High School sports of some kind, be it  basketball, football, volleyball, baseball, track  or wrestling.

The Proposal wasn’t about Tom Reeves or the sport of Rodeo or the $1,000,000.


But some of the Council Reps who didn’t agree with the Proposal started a smear campaign that was very effective. They went to FACEBOOK  and didn’t use any FACTS other than the Council awarded the Project $1,000,000.

Apparently they want to spend the funds the way they think the funds should be spent and that doesn’t include Kids or Kids’ activities or any kind of PREVENTION.

They didn’t read the Proposal or they glanced through it and didn’t know what it said, Therefore they couldn’t fault it, so they decided to drag Mr. Reeves’ name through the mud, which was also very effective as to stir up the masses and get them involved with little or no knowledge of the Proposal.

A few of the Council Reps who were against it went to some district meetings to further slam Mr. Reeves and his Proposal as well as the Council for passing such a motion.

District #4 had its regular meeting on Wednesday March 21. As I was out of town on Tribal business, I called in to the meeting by phone to try and explain the Proposal, but those in attendance were not interested.

Instead I heard over the phone 3 or 4 women state that they could write Proposals and that $1,000,000 was WAY too much. Mind you nobody on this Reservation has seen a Proposal of Prevention By or From any of these women but now that they have one to go by maybe they will actually try and write one.         

How much are the Kids on this Reservation worth?

I for one think my kids and grandkids and all the KIDS on the reservation are worth more then $1,000,000. One Suicide is all it takes to see how much they are worth.  $1,000,000 is not WAY too much.                          


I, Jim Pearman stand

by my vote for the YOUTH

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