Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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Tiospaye Topa School First Semester Honor Roll and Attendance

Honor Roll

A’s and B’s in All Classes  (*Denotes all A’s)

3rd Grade: *Terence Arpan.

4th Grade: Neeyon Different Horse, Nataliyah Gomez, Sha’Teyah Talks.

5th Grade: *Chris Arpan, *Kiaria Bessette, Tahj Claymore, Carlos Escobar.

6th Grade: Madison Jeffries, *Lieryn Jensen, *Journey Lawrence, Ryan Wald, *Kayleigh White Owl.

7th Grade: *Angel Benson.

9th Grade: Hailey Dupris.

Perfect Attendance (Less than 1 Day)

Henry Hall – Kindergarten

Terence Arpan – 3rd Grade

Chris Arpan – 5th Grade

Kiaria Bessette – 5th Grade

Kayleigh White Owl – 6th Grade

Superior Attendance (1-2 Days)

Avarie Meeter – 2nd Grade

Madison Jeffries – 6th Grade

Ryan Wald – 6th Grade

Adam Benson – 7th Grade

Angel Benson – 7th Grade

Kellan Bessette – 8th Grade

Amiya Different Horse – 12th Grade

Excellent Attendance (3-5 Days)

Kyler Sansosti – 2nd Grade

Jackson LeCompte – 3rd Grade

Jocelyn Charger – 5th Grade

Lieryn Jensen – 6th Grade

Journey Lawrence – 6th Grade

Kobe High Elk – 7th Grade

Alejandra Bowker – 9th Grade

Morliah Two Hearts – 9th Grade

Vetal Frazier – 11th Grade

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