Friday, August 14, 2020

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Tiospaye Topa School Articles for the School Newspaper

Pictured is the Wakinyan Chetan Elementary Hand Games Team (L to R): Smokey Lawrence, Steven Garnette, Jay’den Two Crow, Adam Benson, Angel Benson, Madison Jeffries, Nevaeh One Skunk, Jocelyn Charger, Laken Traversie, and Pamela Meeter.









Tiospaye Topa Thunderhawks win own hand game tournament

By Mr. Diekman’s Fifth Grade Class

On Friday, Novemember 1, 2019, the Tiospaye Topa 4-6 graders won their own hand game tournament in the elementary division!

Team members included: Steven Garnette, Madison Jeffries, Laken Traversie, Jocelyn Charger, Navaeh One Skunk, Smokey Lawrence, Pamela Meeter, Angel Benson, Adam Benson, and Jay’den Two Crow.  The Wakinyan Chetan hand games team won four games for the day.  

“It was fun to win at home!” stated fifth grader, Madison Jeffries.  Team coach Paulette High Elk was proud of all of Tiospaye Topa’s teams. “It was a great effort by all teams participating!” she said.

Hand game teams from Crow Creek, Wakpala, Takini, and Dupree participated in the competition.  

Tiospaye Topa fifth grade field trip to Missouri River

By Mr. Diekman’s Fifth Grade Class

On October 23, 2019, Tiospaye Topa fifth grade students went on a field trip to the Missouri River. There, they visited the South Dakota Natural Resources Salmon Spawning Facility. The students enjoyed seeing the “spawning shoots” used in the process. The students also liked the huge fish. 

Steven Garnette thought it was neat to see the DNR spawning equipment. “The whole trip was cool,” stated Steven.  

Remembering Mr. Fran Vogel

Students showed their respect and love for Dean of Students Fran Vogel. Mr. Vogel passed away on November 6, 2019 and students created a tribute wall with messages from the students. One message stated, “Mr. Fran Vogel, a beautiful soul is never forgotten. Journey spirit road, fly high like an eagle. Elementary Lakota Language Class.”

 Mr. Vogel worked at Tiospaye Topa school starting in August 2014. He will be greatly missed.

Fran Vogel

Above: The tribute wall to Mr. Fran Vogel.