Saturday, September 18, 2021

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Tigers head back to school

PHOTO BY PATTY PEACOCK These high school guys had big smiles for their first day at Dupree High School on Monday, August 23. (L-R): Henry Lawrence, Eli Padilla, and Weston Schad.

PHOTO BY PATTY PEACOCK Izabella and Kyra Jeffries were ready to start junior high at Dupree for the 2021-2022 school year.

PHOTO BY PATTY PEACOCK Members of the Dupree Class of 2022 as they start their their first day of their senior year. (L-R): Katana LeBeau, ShaKinley Lafferty, Jo Blue Coat, Haley Rapada, and Alliya Pesicka.

PHOTO BY PATTY PEACOCK Mary Little Star and Rhonda Collins help Carla Stambach and her grandkids learn the new high tech system the students will be using to pick up breakfast or lunch.

PHOTO BY PATTY PEACOCK Dupree School Tech Director Jason Matonis issues a laptop to 7th grader Levi Big Eagle.

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