Sunday, June 16, 2019

Eagle Butte
Partly sunny
Partly sunny

Third graders earn compliments

Mrs. Willison’s third grade class has earned 50 compliments so far this year. To celebrate this accomplishment, the students had an extra recess. They earn compliments from other staff members for quiet lines, being on time, following the rules, and being respectful. Way to go students! Pictured above on the playground are Anahla Knife, Gabrielle Dupris, Sky Traversie, Samuel Hanson, J’Cee Dupris, Kellon Peniska, Alisa Eberhard, Francheska Gonzalez, Ramsey Bluecoat, Sedona Blue Coat, Deja Marshall, Megan Jeffries, Peyton Knife, and Chandalynn Afraid of Hawk. Photo submitted