Saturday, July 11, 2020

Eagle Butte
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Mostly cloudy

Third graders celebrate AR Party, Mardi Gras Style

Third grade students at Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Upper Elementary recently celebrated their AR reading achievements with a Mardi Gras party! Here are some photos from the festivities:

Ms. Lawrence’s Class. Back: Angelica Meeter, Halo Baker, Wakita Washburn, Noah LeClaire, Andon Benson, and Ms. Lawrence. Front: Ja’Laya Upshaw, January Lee, Marni Schad, Emma Moran, and Israel Running Bear.

Ms. Dupris’ Class. Back: Caroline Ducheneaux, Raquel Hand Boy, and Samiah Hanson. Front: Ashton High Elk, Chase Smith, Guadalupe Lara, and Drew Dupris.

Mrs. Ducheneaux’s Class. Back: Carter Anderson, Darian Eagle Staff, Jozaih Veaux, Jeryn Big Eagle, Miguel La Salle, Addison Bowman, Suann Baker, and Mrs. Ducheneaux. Front: Jayedean Lawrence, Shaumari Yellow Earrings, Jenner Woods, Kaimana Newbrough, Justin Farlee, Rowyn Bowman, Marleigh Gunville, Reegen LeBeau, and Bella Dunn.

Mrs. Willison’s Class. Back: Skylar Moran, Miley Janis, and Maleyah Circle Bear. Middle: Kinsley Lafferty and Icesis Big Eagle. Front: Ryan Olson and Eli Miner.