Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Eagle Butte
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Third grade students enjoy annual visit to Whitlock Bay

The third grade class from Cheyenne Eagle Butte made their annual field trip to Whitllock Bay to view the artificial salmon spawning process.  It was a cold day, but the fish loved it!  The guides shared that it was the most fish they’d had the entire season.

PHOTO SUBMITTED Mrs. Ducheneaux’s class visit the “ladder” which allows fish “climb” the ladder where they are caught in the concrete runway. The fish are sorted into separate holding areas for males, unripe females and ripe females that are ready to spawn.

PHOTO SUBMITTED Suanne Baker, Rowyn Mowman, Kaimana Newbrough, Marleigh Gunville, Jenner Woods, Reegen LeBeau are checking out the salmon and wondering if it has a chip in it?

PHOTO SUBMITTED Addison Bowman, Darian Eagle Staff and Carter Anderson are dressed warm for the day at Whitlock Bay.