Monday, August 3, 2020

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The Eagle Butte City council held it’s November regular meeting on Monday evening.

The council heard from Trent Bruce, DGR engineer on the status of the multiple projects currently underway in Eagle Butte.

Bruce reported that the lagoon project is 40% complete at this time and work will continue throughout the winter.

A boat ramp has been poured at the lagoon as part of an EPA requirement. The foundation for wood framed building has also been poured.

Bruce reported that the aeration system and bubbling diffusers that will help with the odor will be installed but not in time for the spring thaw. He stated that some of the work that has been done  might help a little with the spring odor.

On the street project, Bruce reported that although a majority of the work has been completed with phase one of the project, the projects substantial completion mark has yet to be completed. Bruce said that there is still a lot of smaller clean up items yet to be completed.

Bruce reported that most of the new fire hydrants are now active.

Council members and Finance Officer Sheila Ganje expressed their disappointment in how the contractor has handled the street sweeping and that business owners on main street have been complaining about the debris from the streets being blown onto the sidewalks after the sweeping has occurred.

Bruce also reported that the asphalt paving on Main Street had substantially failed and that the work should be rejected.

Chief of Police Norman Schuler reported that he had placed an advertisement in the newspaper for the new police officer position that the city will hire after it received the three year $171,000 COPS grant from the Department of Justice.

Schuler also reported that the Crown Victoria police cruiser was totaled, following an accident involving Officer Kiel Lemke on the golf course road. Lemke was driving north and swerved to avoid a herd of deer and rolled the cruiser. Schuler reported that the car was booked at $4,000 and after a $500 deduction, the city will receive $3,500. Schuler requested to purchase two units from government fleet in Kansas City. Schuler said that the city could get two 2010 Ford Crown Victoria units for a total of $9,000. The council approved the request to purchase and drive to Kansas City to retrieve the vehicles.

The city council approved to have this years employee Christmas party at the golf course this year instead of out in the hills as they have done in the past.

Following an executive session, the council passed a motion to amend the wording of the intent to rescind annexation motion from two weeks ago. Also the council approved the request to annex the property of Dale Lesmeister.

Next meeting 12/9/15