Sunday, July 25, 2021

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Thank CHRs for service their dedication

Dear Editor,

As you may have heard on the radio, after 20 years, I have decided, after long hesitation, that it was time to retire.

Let me tell you about the CHR Program- this is not a job for the weary or the faint. It is not an 8-5 job. This is a job for people with compassion and care.

We are called glorified taxies. Well, that is okay, as we are here for you. Who do you call for help with many health issues? Many times in the middle of supper or sleep, we respond to the call for help. Rain or shine/heat or snow, we are there. And yes, we are still there until 11 p.m. waiting in the dark for you to return from afar to take you home.

I would like to commend the office workers who, day in and day out, respond to calls and type out hundreds of reports. And the coworkers that did not hesitate to pick up each other’s slack.

The director who balances many demands to half other programs to fill in their requests of need. The training she provides CPR/CNA, first responders, certified testers of all kinds. Coordinated delivery of meds, food, clothing and much more, and most of all, support and a should to cry on.

Yes, I leave all that with a heavy heart. I still care. When you see a CHR, just say thank you. This would be much appreciated.

With respect, thank you for letting me serve you,

Josee Beautiful Bald Eagle

Former CHR

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