Thursday, November 26, 2020

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Takini Skyhawks sports awards

Takini School announced awards for basketball, volleyball, cross country and football teams. Awards are as follows:

2019-20 Skyhawks Basketball

MVP – Tyree Bear Stops

Mr. Offense – Mahki Hollow Horn

Mr. Defense – Kanin Hiserote

Most Dedicated – Kyson Crow Ghost

3-point Shooter – Johnathan Fire Cloud

Mr. Hustle – Xavier Condon

Rebounder – Mahki Hollow Horn

Motivator – Tyrus Ashley

Hardest Worker – Tyrus Ashley

Most Improved – Colton Condon

Sportsmanship – Adam Eder

Most Versatile – Grant Quilt

Playmaker – Daryen Ley

Team Leader – Eric Bobtail Bear Jr.

Character – Virgil Red Elk Jr.

Post Player – Mahki Hollow Horn

Most Intense – Maximus Bobtail Bear

Manager – Annatia Hayes

2019-20 Lady Skyhawks Basketball

MVP – Alika Belt

Ms. Offense – Leah Red Elk

Ms. Defense – Nevyn Two Dogs

Most Dedicated – Laniah Red Horse

3-point Shooter – Autum Kills Crow

Ms. Hustle – Halo Waloke

Rebounder – Anessa One Skunk

Motivator – Kaileon Ashley

Hardest Worker – Jai’Enna Big Eagle

Most Improved – Shayne Nezzie

Sportsmanship – Alexia Flying By

Most Versatile – Raelynn Bad Warrior

Playmaker – Angelica Condon

Team Leader – Sydney Buffalo

Character – Jynea St. John

Post Player – Amiyah St. John

Most Intense – Alayna St. John

2019 Takini Skyhawks Cross Country

MVP – Eric Bobtail Bear Jr.

Hardest Worker – Maximus Bobtail Bear

Most Dedicated – Matthew Bobtail Bear

Most Talented – Adam Eder

2019 Takini Lady Skyhawks Volleyball

MVP – Jayla Taken Alive

Spirit award – Shayne Nezzie

Ms. Hustly – Laniah Red Horse

Ms. Defense – Nevyn Two Dogs

Ms. Offense – Alika Belt

Most Improved – Amiyah St. John

Participation Awards:

Alayna St. John

Jreyna Big Eagle

Halo Waloke

Jai’Enna Big Eagle

Kaileon Ashley

Annatia Hayes

Tulana Waloke

Kiara Kills Smalls

Kynianna Hayes

Malayah Vance

Jynea St. John

2019-2020 Football Awards

Offensive Player of the Year – Jonathan Fire Cloud

Team leader of the Year – Grant Quilt

Skyhawk Spirit Award – Logan Quilt

Defensive Player of the Year – Tristan Collins

Versatile Player of the Year – Mhaki Hollow Horn

All Conference – Jonathan Fire Cloud and Mhaki Hollow Horn

All Conference Honorable Mention – Tristan Collins

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