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SURVIVOR contestant brings presentation to Dupree School

For people who enjoy reality TV and wonder just how much of it is ‘real’ and how much is ‘fake or altered’, listening to Holly Hoffman present would have been very enlightening.  Hoffman, from Eureka, SD, was in the season 21 of the SURVIVOR series reality show and last week she shared all about her experience with the show as well as how she got through the truly tough times to end up fourth place that season.

While she got fourth place, she was the only person in the ‘over 40’ team to make it to the end of the show, which is the number one rated reality show in the world, and the other three were men under the age of 30. 

Deciding to try out for the show came from a time when she felt she needed to do something to challenge herself again.  Her children were in college and she needed to see what she still had in her and to do her own thing.  When she got the call, she was still in shock and wondering if she should really do it.  But, she feels that it’s extremely important to ‘take advantage of opportunities that come your way’ and that you can be successful if you have faith, determination, desire, perseverance, a good attitude, and confidence in yourself.

The greatest deterrent that most people face, in Hoffman’s mind, is that ‘we jump to the conclusions that tell us we can’t’.  Hoffman feels very strongly that once a person can get past that attitude and fear, a person can do just about anything he or she sets a mind to do. 

The main talking points Hoffman shared in presentations to the students during the school day and again in a presentation that was free to the community that evening included two ideas:  “Never let fear decide your fate’ and ‘Never let the odds keep you from doing something you want to do!”

Holly Hoffman