Friday, August 7, 2020

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Summary for 2017

Greetings to everyone! I hope this year is better for you than the year before.

As I have been on Council now for the last year and a half, I will summarize that period. I have learned a great deal with the help of my colleagues and I appreciate them.

I’ve learned that it’s a slow process getting anything done.

Issues get pushed to the side. Issues get talked to death, two of three council reps will talk about an entire issue and repeat themselves over and over and over, slowing business way down and some just like to stop business altogether.

No quorum also contributes to the slow process, which happened way too often. The Chairman and Council Reps need to set an example. I have to say there are Council Reps who do come in early and on time. These Council Reps try to set an example.

There was an article printed in the West River Eagle in November that holds very true. The article stated that leaders will not follow the rules if they are not held accountable for their actions.

Most of the time, some of my colleagues don’t believe in accountability. As evidenced by the December council session when accountability was brought up. It got pushed to the side.

Also about 14 months ago, a proposal was presented to council to convert council reps to pay an hourly rate so that council reps could make themselves more accountable. It got shot down. It was brought back up some months later and was shot down again. Districts #4, #5, and #6 passed motions at district meetings to have council adopt the Pay conversion proposal but council said no and it got shot down again.

We must understand and believe that accountability is necessary.

We must make ourselves accountable from the Chairman on down.

Although it’s a slow process council does get some things done and most council reps are working for the people.

In 2017, we started updating the Education Code and the Law & Order Code. When and if these get approved, they will be good for the members of the CRST.

The RAHMA monies got stopped from being put out by council. RAHMA being put out would have created jobs, renewed about 28 apartments at the old nurse’s quarters. Along with many other projects as well.

Also, some of the TECA grants were stopped by council and by doing this, council went against our Ordinance, which happens way more than it should.

Our job as council reps is to conserve tribal property, develop common resources and promote the general welfare of our people.

Please feel free to call me anytime. My cell number is 365-6755.