Thursday, April 18, 2019

Eagle Butte

Students trade summer gear for backpacks and textbooks

Students started a new year at Cheyenne-Eagle Butte schools on Monday, August 27.

High School students walked across chalk affirmations, and were met with similar affirmations posted on each locker, such as, “You got this!”

C-EB High School and Junior High School students began their day meeting in the auditorium for the morning prayer and flag song.

Junior high students were then dismissed to their area, and high school students stayed for staff introductions and for various announcements.

Jill Kessler, counselor, revealed an expectation for the year that promotes respect for elders. She told students that when they are dismissed from an assembly, they will wait for staff members to exit first, then leave for their classes.

Students were also reminded that no personal electronic devices are to be used in school, not even during passing period or lunch.

The school’s policy on personal electronic devices is spelled out in the student handbooks, which students received and read on Monday morning after the assembly.

High school students start the year with a new bell schedule that moved the homeroom class from the end of fifth period to the beginning of sixth period.

The homeroom is called “EIS” and stands for “Enrichment/Intervention/Skills.”

Staff members collaborated with one another to develop short lessons designed around weekly themes. Students focused on habits of organization on Monday, and monitoring grades and assessment scores on Tuesday.

EIS themes range from teaching students how to ask specific and appropriate questions to treating themselves and others with respect.

Another important change for students is they are not permitted to have food in the classrooms.

Students and teachers were asked to help keep the school and classrooms clean given a shortage in janitorial staff.

Many students were excited for school to begin, and many others wanted summer to last a little (or a lot) longer.

High School students were encouraged to share the information they learned this week with their parents.

Students at C-EB had a four-day week this week because of the Labor Day weekend and Fair activities, and will not return to school until Wed., Sept. 5.

Students at Cheyenne-Eagle Butte School gathered in the auditorium for the Monday morning prayer and first-day announcements on Aug. 27. Braxtyn Jewett, Miranda Vines, Cariss Stocklin, Macy LaPlante, Rjaiyan Tomko, Sapphire Tiger, and Madison Red Dog struck a pose as high school students waited for the assembly to begin. Photo by Jody Rust

Sakaiya Martin and Deliliah Metcalf visit while waiting to be released to their next class. Photo by Jody Rust

The homecoming festivities started on Wed. of this week with a “Color Battle” theme promoted K-12. Other events planned on page 7a.

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