Saturday, July 20, 2019

Eagle Butte

State and National News

National: Polar Vortex freezes the nation

The Artic Blast plunged temperatures as low as 50 below with wind chill from the west to east coast and even into some southern states.

Michigan and Wisconsin have declared states of emergency because of the freezing temperatures, reported NBC news.

Temperatures in South Dakota caused delayed starts and the closing of schools throughout the week.

With the freezing temperatures, warnings about how to avoid frost bite if people need to be outside have topped news reports. People are advised to stay inside if possible, but if people have to go outside, dress in layers, wear a hat and gloves, and a warm coat.

When traveling, bring blankets, a lighter and/or matches, and make sure the tank of your vehicle is full.

National: Federal government  reopens with 3-week budget

President Donald Trump signed a three-week bill to open the government until Feb. 15.

“Congress will set up a bipartisan, bicameral conference committee to try to strike a deal on border security,” CNBC reported on Jan. 25.

The temporary bill comes after a historic 35-day federal partial government shutdown that left federal employees without paychecks through the holidays, many of whom had to take out loans to pay bills and buy basic needs for their families.

Trump still wants funding for the border wall between Mexico and the United States, and democrats still do not want to provide funding specifically for a wall, but instead want to designate that funding for other border security methods.

State: Legislature moves into 2019

South Dakota State legislature is in full swing.

Some bills have already been passed in the House and are being presented to the Senate for thier vote.

Healthcare, unemployment insurance, electric cars and DOT concerns are under discussion and up for vote.

Gov. Noem stressed the need for better broadband internet service in the state’s rural areas in her budget address last week.