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Mostly sunny

Sioux YMCA hosts St. Patrick’s Family Fun Day

The Sioux YMCA held a St. Patrick’s themed Family Fun Day on March 15. The day started with a meal provided by the YMCA. Everyone who attended was served hot dogs and apples. After the meal, a game of bingo ensued. Adults and children hoped that their numbers were called so that they could have a chance to win an action figure or a t-shirt. A few rounds of bingo were played before all of the prizes were gone.

Shortly after bingo wrapped up, cupcake decorating began. Cupcakes were made in preparation for the event by Americorps who are volunteering with the YMCA for six weeks. Attendees were able to decorate their cupcakes with white and green icing and sprinkles. One child stated, “I loved decorating my cupcake, but now it’s too pretty to eat”. However, soon enough every cupcake had been devoured.

Other activities that went on during the day included a jello eating contest, coloring, face painting, and a game led by Americorps. Sam, one of the Sioux YMCA’s staff members, brought her kids to the event. “The best part was the jello eating contest.” She states that, “it was the most entertaining to watch and it was delicious as well”.

The Sioux YMCA thanks everyone who came out and participated in Family Fun Day. They would also like to thank Americorps for helping prepare for the event and for leading activities throughout. The next Family Fun Day will happen on April 5. We hope to see you there!