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Sewing returns to junior high; students learn how to make baby star quilts

Junior High students worked with Karen Lovelette to sew quilts.

The exploratory block for the first nine weeks was sewing.

The students studied color, design principals, selecting a color scheme, and designed a pattern for a baby size star quilt.

The students spent three weeks coloring, changing color selections, and changing design pattern until satisfied.

The large group of eleven spent a week learning about the sewing machine and practicing accurate seams before learning the step assembly method.

With only two sewing machines to use, the students learned patience and how to work as a group dividing machine time.  The stars were completed, blocked out and borders attached.  The students worked hard, with some staying after school to complete projects.

Students involved were Arianna Anderson, Lauryn Barbosa, Eliza Brown, Lakeisha Brown Otter, Hailey Ducheneaux, Woniya Garreau, Ashlyn Jewett, Lany LaPlante, Elisha Mendoza, Silvia Moran and Rae Vines.

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