Sunday, June 16, 2019

Eagle Butte

Seventh grade junior high team fights back; earns runner-up status

While high school players tend to get more publicity than the junior high, it’s important to remember that the junior high coaching and games are the foundations of future varsity teams.

The C-EB junior high teams traveled to Mobridge for a junior high tournament on Saturday, Oct. 6. and showed signs of current and future greatness.

Coaches Suzanne Eagle Staff and Wambli Johnson worked with the seventh grade players as they struggled back after a loss to earn the runner-up title in the championship game of the tournament.

Grandparent and C-EB volleyball fan Jay Cook expressed his joy at their victory and the pleasure it is for him to watch as the coaches “mold our young ladies into future generations.”

Cook said he has a total of nine granddaughters on both teams, and admires the coaches for not only building the skill levels and drive for success in competition, but also helping the girls build self-esteem.

Eagle Staff said the 8th grade volleyball team had one win in a set during one game in the round robin match of three teams. The team may not have won all the matches in the game, but they enjoyed playing the game.